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Why Do Sufferers of

Chronic Pain & Illness

Seek My Holistic Care?

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

​   I'm sure you'd like to know what is different about me, and my treatment methods.  You may be surprised to learn that the Virginia Board of Medicine prohibits any doctor from claiming superiority over another.  And I never make such a claim.  It is however, an indisputable fact that I provide a combination of several effective, but extremely rare health services, which to my knowledge are not provided by any other practitioners.  

   The term, genius is too frequently used these days.  I am certainly not one.  However, I have studied the works of several true medical/scientific geniuses, and pursued expertise in the methods they developed, combined with my own personal touch.  I take credit only for my willingness and effort to provide outstanding healthcare.  

   Having been been frequently asked why people seek my care, I have, in turn, asked my patients to help me give answers, since it is THEIR opinion that counts.  I appreciate my patients for their feedback, which has always helped me to help others have a chance for a better quality of life. 

In Addition to the #1 Reason, RESULTS...
Here's the Top 10 reasons (in no special order)
Why People Seek My Care:  

1)  I am open-minded and NOT an extremist: Patients have appreciated that although I practice exclusively drugless and non-surgical methods... I believe in an integrative health care model, which includes the opinions, testing, and treatment from doctors of ALL disciplines and philosophies of health.  My treatments are all compatible with those of traditional Western medicine.  Some Lyme sufferers seek my care as their sole approach to wellness. Others prefer to seek multiple professionals, and take prescription drugs in addition to my treatment.  Whatever works for you is fine with me!

2) No "Cure-All" Claims: Truth in advertising is one of my most cherished beliefs.  If I accept you as a patient, I will simply tell you that I think I can help.  No outrageous promises or guarantees.  No "one size fits all" or "cookie-cutter" treatment that promises to be the "end all, cure all." 

   I won't be able to know for sure if you will have success with my care.  I wish I could be certain.  I won't be able to predict how fast, or how much improvement you will be able to achieve.  People of a wide range of ages, and degrees of illness respond at unpredictable rates.

However, if I do accept you as a patient... I will give you realistic hope... and I will confidently EXPECT your success.  After all, there are two things at stake: your health... and my reputation. 

3) Your problems are taking seriously: At no time will I tell you that your symptoms are psychosomatic (all in your head), nor will you be told to "live with the pain" because nothing can be done.  Nor will your age or your weight be used as an excuse to blame you for your condition.  Too many patients have told me that a doctor has told them this lazy, cop-out of an excuse for inability to find solutions.

4) SAFETY.... SAFETY... SAFETY: No treatment is without some risk.  However, I am proud to use treatments that to my knowledge, have unparalleled safety...  Using primarily homeopathy, which has no known side effects assures this.

5) Human Decency, Respect, Personal Attention, and TLC: It is not a coincidence that The Liebell Clinic has the initials, TLC.  When you choose me to help you with chronic pain and illness, you become a respected and cared for member of our family.  You are NOT a name and number.  You will enter a solid relationship with a doctor and staff who will go the extra mile for you... to help you get well, after all else has failed... after others have treated you harshly, hurt your feelings, called you "crazy," and told you "nothing can be done."

6) A whole-body, total health approach: Patients know that I acknowledge the symptoms categorized into medically accepted diagnoses.  However, they also understand and appreciate that I do NOT treat the diagnosis; I treat the patient.   

7) The No Ego Zone -- a doctor who listens, and respects YOU, your health opinions, feedback and requests: Ask me anything... tell me anything.  I'm going to listen and respect you as part of our team, which has the simple and single goal of restoring your health and improving your quality of life as much as humanly possible.  The Liebell Clinic is not about me... it's about YOU (But please forgive me for naming it after myself... it's what makes the initials TLC work!).

8) Access to top experts - Advisory Board: Although I'm a sole practitioner, I have relationships with experts in various disciplines, who serve as my advisors to assist me upon need.  Click HERE to learn about the Liebell Clinic Medical Advisory Board.

9) Minimal Waiting Times: I don't like to be late, and I don't like my time wasted.  I value your time as much as my own.  We run a tight ship and do NOT overbook our schedule.  Many medical offices schedule 2 or more people in the same time slot.  We never do this, and it keeps waiting time for appointments minimal... and face-to-face doctor-patient time maximal.
10) I perform ALL examination & treatment myself: You don't play waiting room and treatment room musical chairs... seeing a physician assistant, waiting more, and finally seeing the doctor for a couple of minutes.  I want things done right, and I do it myself.  My office is small; but my chronic pain and illness recovery patient family is large.  My wonderful assistant, Barbara, and Sheila (my wife and office manager) do all the right things that enable me to give you the attention you really need

Dr. Donald Liebell 

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