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The Vitamin D Deficiency Dilemma

By Dr. Donald Liebell

(adapted from the book, Biting Back)

Vitamin D is critical for the function of muscles, joints, sleep cycle, your moods, and numerous other aspects of a healthy body. If you are low in vitamin D, your body doesn’t use calcium properly, or absorb it from your diet. Some of the muscle aches attributed to Lyme disease are due to low vitamin D levels and regulation. Scientific studies have proven that vitamin D is a significant factor towards natural improvement from many health problems.

Vitamin D is more accurately classified as a hormone rather than a nutrient. Technically vitamins are carbon-based compounds that your body needs for normal function that it cannot manufacture on its own. Hormones, on the other hand are more complex compounds that are produced by the body itself for various functions. There are only a few dietary sources of vitamin D. If your level is low, it would be very difficult, unlikely, inconvenient, and expensive to restore it to normal through diet. Every day, you would have to eat ridiculously large quantities of salmon, sardines, and egg yolks than would be healthy, desirable or feasible.

In a perfect world, everybody would produce vitamin D in the skin via sunlight exposure. When ultraviolet B rays of sunlight (UVB) hit your skin, it triggers your body to produce a substance called cholecalciferol. This gets converted by your liver into calcidiol. Then, through addition of an enzyme, the kidneys convert it to calcitriol, which is the active form of vitamin D. 

According to world renowned cancer specialist (oncologist) Yoshiaki Omura, MD, ultraviolet radiation from the sun has increased to the point that it has become very difficult to safely generate adequate vitamin D3 production via skin exposure. He has concluded that the cancer risks are greater than the benefit. Thus, determining the most effective dosages of vitamin D supplementation for each individual is essential. According to Dr. Omura’s published medical research, expertly-determined optimum daily supplemental dosage of vitamin D3 is tremendously supportive to patients with numerous serious health conditions (especially cancer).

Dr. Omura is a research scientist, a humanitarian, and a bonafide genius. His remarkable background in both Western and Eastern medicine has given him unparalleled scientific qualifications. Dr. Omura has one of the most impressive medical resumes one could imagine. He is an oncologist, cardiologist, surgeon, acupuncturist, electro-physicist, and medical school professor. However, his primary methods are natural treatments and non-invasive diagnostic methods.

Most of Dr. Omura’s patients’ success is attributable to his method of determining each patient’s optimal daily dose of vitamin D3. This might not seem like a big deal on the surface. However, it is of monumental importance. How it is done is the key! Although many people are already taking vitamin D supplements, Dr. Omura has found that commonly-recommended dosages (and frequency of usage) are ineffective and potentially harmful. This can make or break a person’s chance to overcome many illnesses.

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura has published over 270 original research articles, many chapters, and 9 books. At age 84, he is currently (2018) Adjunct Professor of Family & Community Medicine, NY Medical College. Dr. Omura is the President and Professor of the International College of Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics, NY, as well as the Editor in Chief, Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics Research, International Journal of Integrative Medicine. I have studied his wealth of medical research papers, and have had the privilege to observe him evaluating and advising cancer patients in New York City. In my practice, I exclusively implement Dr. Omura’s methods for vitamin D supplementation.

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura is likely the most capable person on the planet for early detection of cancer, and determining what promotes improvement (and worsening) Dr. Omura’s research and recommendations do not involve promotion or sales of anything; they serve to enable people to have a fighting chance to live and get healthier. He does not have a blog, a marketing newsletter, an Omura product line, nor does he sell diagnostic equipment. Helping seriously ill people, very inexpensively, and without the use of fancy technology is not taken seriously by mainstream medicine, regardless of outcome. It is this aspect that especially attracted me to study the methods of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura. If Dr. Omura talks; I’m listening!

I agree with Dr. Omura that most multivitamins (and many other vitamin supplements) are potentially harmful, and should be avoided. They are concentrated mixtures of substances that do not go together well. Dr. Omura has tested these for decades. There are indeed supplements that alone may be beneficial; however, they can commonly be harmful when combined with others. We must determine this for each individual using Bi-digital O-ring Testing (BDORT).

Let me be crystal clear that I am not claiming vitamin D3 as a cure for any disease. However, a significant amount of medical research suggests its importance in support of many ailments. Using Dr. Omura’s patented, inexpensive, non-invasive method, Bi-digital O-ring Testing (BDORT), I determine each person’s daily optimal vitamin D3 dosage (taken every 7-8 hours). We use a very inexpensive brand of vitamin D3 supplement tablets, chosen as the result of Dr. Omura’s years of research testing products from countless manufacturers. In most cases, the optimal daily dosage is much less than the commonly-recommended 50,000 international units per week. This is an important part of the wellness-promoting equation.  

 Dr. Donald Liebell