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​​How the Physics Principle of Resonance

Can Help Improve Your Health

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

    Resonance, discovered by Galileo in the 1600s, is the mechanism by which virtually all vibrations are generated.  Resonance is widely observed in nature, and greatly utilized in human technology.  It occurs when energy is transferred between two or more sources of that vibrate at the same frequency.  Every object has a resonant frequency.  This means that if you hit, pluck or heat it—it will vibrate at a specific rate, which we call its FREQUENCY.  This is the case with musical instruments, such as a drum, a guitar string or a xylophone.  Each distinct musical note has a unique frequency.  
  If two separate objects vibrate at the SAME frequency, they can become energetically connected… even without touching.  This has been demonstrated for decades in science classes using tuning forks.  If we have two tuning forks of the same vibrational frequency, we can strike one... and the second one will vibrate without physically touching the other.

   Or think of an opera singer who can break a wine glass by singing a certain note.  She’s energetically connecting with the exact frequency of the glass, causing its atoms to vibrate so violently that the glass shatters.  When you open or lock your car door with a push-button keypad, you are sending out a unique frequency that only resonates with YOUR vehicle. 

    Elite scientist as he was, Dr. Paul Nogier grasped the importance of resonance in a manner never before considered.  He found that we can use it to gain insight to our health—to unlock hidden secrets of the body that physical and laboratory tests could not.  Like a great detective seeking out the most obscure clues, Nogier discovered that problems in the body could be detected using resonance matching.

   Auricular Bio-Energetic Testing:

   Throughout the auricular medicine exam, we observe size changes in the human electric field upon introducing various stimuli to the body—to see if and how they RESONATE with the body.  Tiny, laboratory-prepared test tubes containing substance samples are used.  They are placed on metal plates, which are connected with two metal bars to your hand and neck, in a similar manner to the electrodes of the heart monitoring device, the EKG. The human body is electrical, and thus can be monitored through various electrical means.  There is no electric current administered here.  These test substances could also be placed directly in your hand or chest… but the plate, bar, and wire setup enables a more convenient, comfortable, sanitary, streamlined, and efficient evaluation.  The wires conduct the frequencies of the test substances to the body for our observations.

  The use of resonance samples does not constitute diagnosis.
  Nevertheless, it is one of the major principles involved in energy medicine.  Using resonance samples for Auricular Bio-energetic Testing has been instrumental in the recovery for countless patients, who had no success with conventional medical diagnostics and treatment.  Resonance samples are particularly useful for Auricular Allergy Acupuncture (SAAT).