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Patient Testimonials

NOTE: These testimonials do not serve as published medical evidence.  They serve only as public sharing of these patients' experience with  my natural, holistic, and wellness-based health care services. Testimonials do not constitute a claim, inference, promise, or guarantee of results associated with any and all treatment methods described on this website, or any other source, nor do I claim, promise, or guarantee results. Results from treatment vary, of course, from person to person.  

“The other doctors told me

I’d be wheelchair-bound." 

I tried rheumatologists and physical therapy…all kinds of medicine. I had all the tests: MRI, CAT scans, blood tests and x-rays. All these tests were USELESS…COSTLY...PAINFUL…and DEPRESSING! 

But Dr. Liebell’s treatment has made me feel better. It’s very comfortable and I can make it through the day now! I have recommended Dr. Liebell to many people—he listens, he cares about you. 
If you don’t take the chance at getting help from him, you’ll never know how much better your quality of life can be." 

                        - Kathy P. -  Virginia Beach 

"Life is Wonderful Again!"

The medicine I took and the physical therapy did not work, and I’d really gotten to the point where I didn’t know what I was going to do. My medical physician told me I was going to have to “learn to live with the pain.”   I’m so happy and relieved to say my life is 100% better. The pain and the muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders have completely gone away. And his machine that he uses really reminds me of something out of the Frankenstein movies, but all I know is that it WORKS WONDERS…  and if you truly want your life to be better then you need to give this a try…life is wonderful again. On a scale of 1-10 how my life is compared to years ago…I’d say that I’m a plus 20!! God Bless Dr. Liebell for helping me, because I was truly ready to give up."  

                                 -Barbara S.   

"Thank You, Dr. Liebell

for Changing My Life"

    "I have struggled with dry eye for the past eight years and had used drops several times a day. It was about four years ago, I actually had my tear ducts (one in each eye) plugged. The theory was that it would cause the remaining ducts to work harder. It did help, but I was using drops about six or seven times a day. I was never without them and had several bottles in different locations to make it easy. The summer of 2010, I had been to the eye doctor several times and my condition was not improving but getting worse. I looked like I had cried for hours on a good day or was suffering from a very bad cold. 

   In November, I received the [acupuncture] treatment you use for chronic dry eye. I just wanted to say, "THANK YOU," Dr. Liebell, for changing my life.  It was painless and it worked! It is now January 2011 and I have not used any type of lubricant drops since the day before I received the first treatment. You have no idea what a difference you have made in my life...  I  would also say to a future patients, I know it sounds too good to be true, but just think about the quality of life you are presently experiencing and you deserve to feel good again. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving Dr. Liebell a try.  
I  am certain you will feel the difference and will be writing a letter just like mine."   
                 - Lisa Layne, Newport News, VA

Vertigo & Meniere's Disease

"For the first time in two years I was able to celebrate the holidays season without any drama of vertigo attacks!"

In 2010 I was diagnosed at the age of 53 with Meniere's disease by an ear, nose, and throat specialist.  I was also told there is no surgery or drug available to cure this condition and to accept it and live with the limitations.  My chiropractor had also diagnosed me with BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) and I was devastated.  I love to drive, work in  my garden, assist my husband in house repairs, and do aquatic exercise. 

  My daughter had found Dr. Liebell during an internet search and convinced me to make an appointment to see him.  I've been coming twice a week for a couple of months now, and for the first time in two years I was able to celebrate the holidays season without any drama of vertigo attacks!!  I am very grateful to Dr. Liebell and his staff for his nurturing treatments.  I highly recommend it!!!

G. Nazario 12/2012

"I just feel like a whole new person"

“The stiffness in my neck—not being able to sleep at night, trying to drive a car and not being able to look to the left or the right—at times I was at the point where I just couldn’t do anything the pain was so bad… the drugs the medical doctors put me on caused me depression…doctors would say, “this is all that can be done, outside of surgery…

So I came to see Dr. Liebell. Gradually I began to get more mobility in my neck…then the numbness in my hand went away. I could drive to work. Then I noticed I was sleeping better…I just feel like a new person—everyone sees the difference in me.  It’s like I have a whole new life. I really hope you go and see Dr. Liebell and find out if he can accept you as a patient and help you, the way he has helped me.  Don’t suffer”  

                       -Anne R. - Virginia Beach 

"I just praise God

that I found Dr. Liebell"​ 

“If you’re tired of hearing that “YOU”

are the cause of your problems, or

you should have done “this or that”—

go see Dr. Liebell. He’ll give you the straight talk and get you out of the terrible pain and sleepless nights…

You’ll be placing yourself in some

very loving, capable hands”  

         - Margie H. -  Virginia Beach

"People who think antibiotics are their only hope need to give this a try... they don’t have anything to lose.  Not only did I have Lyme disease, but I had a few other issues also that needed to be treated.  

I personally guarantee they will feel better than they ever did, and they have a doctor that actually gives a damn!" 

- Karen Spivey, Windsor, VA

"I'm so thankful to God that he has brought Dr. Liebell into my life."

I had to cut down on working out at the gym because of the pain and avoid activities with my family and friends. I found out about Dr. Liebell’s type of care while listening to the Road Show on Christian radio. I had been in persistent pain, good gracious—3 years…that is…

until I found Dr. Liebell. I brag to all my friends because he has helped me so much…

and I’m so thankful to God that he has

brought Dr. Liebell into my life…

He listens and is so caring, sweet and

kind and generous.

God bless you Dr. Liebell.  

                  -Katherine K. - Norfolk  

This Treatment is Wonderful!

    "When I began I could not raise my arm very far or even put it behind my back. It is very wonderful to have full mobility and strength in my arm, neck and shoulders. Dr. Liebell is a loving and delightful human being as are his two knowledgeable ladies who work with him. They each one take time to personalize the patients’ care and needs! You must call and make an appointment. Do not wait any longer."

- Mary Ann Hartsock, Virginia Beach

"Dr. Liebell's 

Atlas Orthogonal
Method is a Lifesaver!

“I spent thousands of dollars on medical care for my 17 year old son’s constant headaches since he was in the fourth grade... Nothing ever helped.  Dr. Liebell diagnosed the actual cause of his life-long headaches in less than 5 minutes.  In less than 2 weeks Dr. Liebell was fixing the problem and Nick’s headaches began to decrease until they just stopped coming on at all.  This was without drugs,

surgery and best of all – without a huge cost!!  His Atlas Orthogonal method

is a lifesaver for Nick.”  

Kathleen A., Virginia Beach

​​"I had so many pains and taken so much medicine but nothing seemed to help"  

"My life was just terrible.  I couldn’t do anything.  I’d stay home a lot.  I’d take a lot of medicine.  I had tried so many things.  I went to pain therapy, physical therapy, took muscle relaxers.  I even took Demerol in high doses for the pain.  I STILL didn’t get any relief.  I was taking Flexeril and Vioxx for the “arthritis.”  I went to a “pain clinic” and they just gave me more medicine, which helped a little but then I got worse. I wasn’t able to work anymore... But now I’m better.  I was able to make a trip to New Jersey without having any problems.  

Irene Oglesby, Portsmouth, VA

"Dr. Liebell's treatment has indeed made a difference in my life"

“I was just going to a rheumatologist and was treated with Ellavil to help control the symptoms and get a good night’s sleep. I was told it was Fibromyalgia and that it was also something I’d just have to live with, and there was no cure for it, which ads to the depression and discouragement of it all… 

Dr. Liebell’s treatment has indeed made a difference in my life and the treatment doesn’t hurt the least bit whatsoever. I was quite shocked that was all there was to it. I couldn’t believe that something with such little impact or sensation could have such a great impact on my life.” 

                     - Debra H. - Virginia Beach

"All of a sudden, the pain was gone!"

For 13 years I’d been having problems with my neck. I was going to a neurologist, my family physician and an arthritis doctor. I was told I had degenerative disc disease and an MRI showed a pinched nerve, but they couldn’t do much for me… What I was doing was taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen and “everything and its brother” to keep the swelling down and the nerve blockage. 

So I found out about Dr. Liebell and decided to go see him. All of a sudden, the pain was gone! It has truly been a Godsend. I’m no longer a miserable feeling person anymore with pain, always feeling bad. If you have pain, by all means make a visit to Dr. Liebell and give it a try.   

                          -Pat G. Virginia Beach 

"Pain was my constant companion"

Dr. Liebell gave me my life back. I went to numerous doctors. None of them helped me. Part of the problem was they were not LISTENING! 

Dr. Liebell found the cause of my pain on the first visit. Thanks to him, I am now able to do everything I use to do. Before he treated me, I had many limitations. Pain was my constant companion. I will always be grateful for all he has done. I thank him for his compassion and understanding.” 

                             - Kathy G. -  Virginia Beach 

"What can I say...

he stopped the pain,

God bless him!"

“I was having pain from the top of my neck all the way down to my hand… I’m a decorated war veteran who’s been through it all and handled a lot of pain and injury, but I went through the strongest medications you can get for this injury and nothing helped the pain. It’s hard to believe I went through over 450 pills…Not only was I in unbearable pain, but I had spent several thousand dollars on these doctors, all their tests and pills. The worst part was that none of it did any good at all. It was absolutely killing me…

Give me a break—all those high-priced doctors and their high tech equipment…they did nothing for me. You’d think they’d treat a decorated war veteran a lot better… Lucky for me I got a brochure about Dr. Liebell in the newspaper. What can I say—he stopped the pain, God bless him!!! I walked into his office like a cripple, with serious pain. I couldn’t believe how he knew exactly what to do. Not only did he find out what was causing my neck, arm and hand pain—within seconds of seeing me, but he fixed it…I still can’t believe how simple the answer was. God bless Dr. Liebell for his help. My condition is all gone.

Don’t let anyone you know suffer with pain.

Tell them to see Dr. Liebell.  

                          -James N. - Virginia Beach  

​​"My mind and body had been on such a roller coaster ride for three years"

"I am 58 years old and have always lived a very active lifestyle.  However that changed about three years ago when I started to have severe pain in my neck and at the base of my head.  I lived in silence for about a year until it became unbearable.  It got to the point where I could not do anything...

I went to pain management and was given steroid injections.  They assured me that this would take care of my problem.  Unfortunately this was not the case.  I was so discouraged and felt that my only option was to take pain pills...
I wondered how I could live the rest of my life with this pain.  I could not afford to continue going from one doctor after another and not be relieved of this pain.  I truly could not do anything.  I could not even hold my new grandson.  One day I was reading the newspaper and came across Dr. Liebell's article.  I was very excited, but also skeptical.  My body and mind had been on such a roller coaster ride for three years, that when I called for information I broke down into tears... After the first treatment I walked out of the office and felt a big difference.  I have since completed my treatments and I am almost pain-free.  My life has changed so much.  I feel like myself again.  I highly recommend Dr. Liebell and would like to thank him for giving me back my life.

                   - Barbara C. - Virginia Beach 

"I'm like a brand new person!"

Imagine one dark and stormy night, thinking at about 2am, I’m in this tunnel; there is NO light…where do I go from here? To take your mind off things, you pick up the paper. There is an ad, small and unassuming, that says someone can help me.   First thought is…yeah, right, I sure don’t believe that. Oh well, it’s a phone call, can’t hurt to call it and see what it’s about. Well, of all the calls in my life, this call was my “light at the end of the tunnel! Dr. Liebell brought me out of the dark tunnel of pain and into the daylight—it’s a whole new world out there for me now!!

                    - Linda H.  - Virginia Beach  

"I'm like a brand

new person!"  

  "I couldn’t function—I couldn’t work, I couldn’t stand up, sit down or drive. So I was out of commission for a year and a half…Then I heard about Dr. Liebell. I decided to go... it was the best thing I ever did in my life! After my very first treatment, I knew this was the place that I had to be and I wish I had found him 3 years ago. Dr. Liebell is fantastic, very sympathetic and caring. He has essentially given me my life back. I feel great and I don’t hurt anymore…Pain?? I don’t have any pain—I’m like a brand-new person right now…Forget your skepticism—don’t waste a moment and get checked. Maybe you can get your life back too!!”

-Linda Hill. Virginia Beach  

“My pain is gone most

days and my days of total exhaustion are

a thing of the past”

Roberta Robertson, Maryland

"Now I can get up in the morning without neck pain, and I rarely get headaches!"

  "For many years my neck bothered me almost every morning.  When I'd look up, tilting my head back, my hearing would mysteriously cut out.  I also had headaches every single day.  As a professional ballet instructor, I was unable to demonstrate properly because of the pain...

Now, thanks to Dr. Liebell and Atlas correction, I'm finally out of pain.  My life is so much better.  I sleep better than ever.  Now I know how important your nervous system and spinal alignment is.  My hearing problem is gone too, as a result of atlas corrections!

- Michael Kaiser - Professional Ballet Instructor, 
Governor's School - Norfolk Public Schools,  Old Dominion University

"No more having to hear from doctors that it’s my age and I should learn to live with it"

“Five years ago I was finally diagnosed with something I had never heard of before, fibromyalgia. Now we were getting somewhere, or so I thought. Treatment again- you guessed it- Elavil and exercises. I refused the exercises but at least the Elavil did help me sleep, which I badly needed. At this point it looked as though things would never be any better. 
Almost three months ago I was given the name of Dr. Liebell. I could hardly believe there was a doctor who knew how to treat my problem. Needless to say, I was a little skeptical, but what did I have to lose? To my surprise the treatments were painless and at this time I’m about 80% free of pain. Life has changed- better in every way. I sleep better, and can take long car trips and do anything I desire. No more having to hear from doctors that it’s my age and I should learn to live with it. I highly recommend Dr. Liebell’s treatments. They can better your life. Dr. Liebell is very personable and easy to talk to. He understands your pains and how to treat them. I urge you - give Dr. Liebell a chance to help you – you have nothing to lose, except pain.  

                            - Nettie L. – Norfolk, VA  

"May God bless you for displaying His most dominant quality of love"

Dear Dr. Liebell, 
We just want to take this time to let you know just how much we appreciate you and all that you do for us.  You are a fantastic example of what ALL doctors should be like.  You truly care about people and their pain, and you whatever you can to help.  You show great respect for the feelings and opinions of your patients and you are open-minded toward their ideas.  It has truly been a blessing for us to have found you and we want to show our deep gratitude and appreciation.  

         - Chris & Cheryl R. - Newport News  

​​"Finally I Can Work Again!"  

“Before coming to see Dr. Liebell, I went to a bunch of doctors that pretty much gave me pills to stop the pain.  When the pills wore off, I had to take even more of the same pills.  I had headaches so bad that I couldn’t play with my new baby boy.  Finally I can work again and I can pick up my son.  Not only did Dr. Liebell help me with the pain, but also he showed me what was causing it with charts and graphs.  His care improved my whole life.

- Alvin H., Norfolk, VA

Homeopathic Success to Overcome Lyme Disease

"I’ve been doing homeopathy to help my body with Lyme disease for a year.  I could tell within a few months that it was working, and continues to do so.  It just takes time and perseverance.  Homeopathy puts your immune system back in action" 

Jennifer Wojtala, Virginia Beach

“Since I have received the upper neck treatment, I have not had a single headache of ANY kind...

Over 1 year... It’s wonderful!!  I’ve been

able to play tennis and work and not take

any medication for headaches or my

back (that pain’s gone too)”

– Linda M., Virginia Beach

""You have literally saved my life!"

"I was at a point where, after 18 years of pain and suffering, there was no point in continuing to try to live with unbearable pain, which only got worse as I got older. I had run the whole gamut of doctors who would not listen to my symptoms and offered no help except drugs, that made me even sicker.   Without Dr. Liebell I would never have found so much help…my neck and back, thanks to his treatments are nearly 100 percent better. He and his staff are friends I want to have for the rest of my life, and thanks to him, it will be long and pain free."  

                                   —Lois H. - Smithfield, VA

​​"Praise the Lord;

I can actually go to sleep!!"

One of the worst problems was the pain in my neck. A surgeon told me to take hot showers, that I had arthritis and nothing could be done. That was 9 years ago. 5 years ago I had so much pain in my shoulder—shooting from my neck to my arm. I couldn’t hold a paperback book. A sports doctor put me on Paxil and I was taking Voltarin for “arthritis.” He sent me to physical therapy, but it never took the pain away.   By the second week of treatment (with Dr. Liebell) I was flying high—I felt wonderful. I guess for the last 4 or 5 years, I didn’t know what it was like to sleep the whole night through. Praise the Lord; I can actually go to sleep!! I’ve recommended at least 50 people to go see Dr. Liebell." 

                  - Joyce W. - Virginia Beach, 2000

Pregnant Mother’s Recovery

I really don't have any [Lyme disease] symptoms, and have had no problem or side effects from the treatment.  My quality of life has improved 100% from where I was 5 months ago. 
I feel human again”

           - Amanda M., Williamsburg, VA

"The numbness in my

arm and leg is gone"

"The pain was in my neck and back. It was interfering with my work as a cosmetologist. I tried medications and Tylenol. I was given heat packs and drugs by the other doctors, but none of that did anything. I couldn’t take off work, so I had to work in pain—until I began care with Dr. Liebell.   Through his special kind of care, I actually feel better than I have in years…the numbness in my arm and leg is gone. I recommend Dr. Liebell to many people…his work is very different—

that’s why it’s BETTER CARE!  

                      -Willer F. -Virginia Beach 

"Conquering Fibromyalgia

and Chronic Lyme Disease

"What do you have to lose?  You've tried everything else now try the best! 

I've come off of all the medications I was taking for Fibromyalgia and Lyme and only use the homeopathics and feel better than when I was taking medications."

 - Vicki Tucker

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​​"He Gave Me My Life Back! 

“Over 15 years ago I was in a terrible car wreck in California.  I suffered for many years with agonizing headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain.  I went to dozens of doctors and spent over $20,000.  The worst part is that these so-called ‘experts’

did NOTHING for me…

not until I moved to Virginia Beach and was treated by Dr. Liebell.  He knew just what to do at the top of my neck to fix the cause of not only my headaches, but ALL of my pain!  This was in 1993 and today (2016) I am still headache free.  All the other doctors, tests and pain medications were worthless in comparison.

- Ellen Diggs,  Virginia Beach

"Imagine for nearly 40 years seeing every type of medical specialist…
taking all sorts of medications and nothing seems to help..." 

Imagine one dark and stormy night, thinking at about 2am, I’m in this tunnel; there is NO light…where do I go from here? To take your mind off things, you pick up the paper. There is an ad, small and unassuming, that says someone can help me.   First thought is…yeah, right, I sure don’t believe that. Oh well, it’s a phone call, can’t hurt to call it and see what it’s about. Well, of all the calls in my life, this call was my “light at the end of the tunnel! Dr. Liebell brought me out of the dark tunnel of pain and into the daylight—it’s a whole new world out there for me now!!

                       -Mary B.  - Virginia Beach  

"He's undeniably transformed my life"

After several years of dealing with a myriad variety of doctors, both military and civilian, I can honestly say that Dr. Liebell is one of the most effective and trustworthy health practitioners I have ever experienced. He’s undeniably transformed my life, and I would entrust him with my life without reservation. If this seems lavish praise, all that I can say is that it is an honest opinion based on observing the results obtained by his expertise.”  

                              -Mark J. - Norfolk  

"Dr. Liebell found the

REAL problem--in my neck"

“Emergency room doctors gave me medicine, which made me sleep 20 hours a day. That’s all they did. They didn’t find the cause or fix anything. I couldn’t do anything and I wasn’t any better. But Dr. Liebell found the REAL problem—in my neck. Because of his treatment I am able to live a normal productive life again.” 

               - Jacqueline W. - Norfolk