Neuro-Electric Therapy:
Ear Acupuncture Point Detection

and Frequency Micro-Current Treatment

    By Dr. Donald Liebell

    Through his ingenious research, Dr. Paul Nogier discovered seven precise electromagnetic frequencies of the human body, which correspond with specific zones on the outer ear (3-phase auricular therapy - ear acupuncture micro-system).  Each of these zones energetically correspond to groups of organs that interact with each other.  

     Modern energy medicine science has capitalized on his brilliant discovery in development of various healing technologies.  Each of the well-defined zones of the ear requires a specific frequency to provide effective acupuncture-like stimuli.   

    Traditional acupuncture of course, involves placement of needles in points found in fixed anatomical locations along energy meridians throughout the body.  These points are spaced widely apart.   On the other hand, auricular (ear) acupuncture points are only a few millimeters or less from each other.  They require precise detection, requiring instrumentation and other techniques.  In ancient China they didn't have electrical point locators; only a few acupuncture points were treated on the ear.

   Current technology enables modern auricular practitioners to locate points with amazing precision, using electrical point detectors.  Many of these instruments can provide electrical stimulation as well.  In my practice I use the NET2000 (Neuro-Electric Therapy) instrument.  It is the most sophisticated auricular therapy instrument available.  It serves as both a diagnostic and painless treatment instrument.  

   The device is used to detect increased electrical skin conductivity, which is found at an electrically active point.  The increase in electrical conductivity correlates exactly with a problem in the corresponding part of the body.  The most sophisticated instruments, such as the NET2000 also detect polarity of active points, which tells the doctor what type of treatment is needed.  The same instrument can provide electro-acupuncture treatment.    

   Most people don't feel anything at all with this micro-current electrical stimulation.  Each point is treated from 10 to 120 seconds.  You can learn more by watching a demonstration of the NET2000 on a WAVY-TV 10 news story for treatment for people with chronic dry mouth.   

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