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Help WHIPLASH Victims...

Many Chronic Neck Pain

Sufferers Have Gotten

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(or Other Trauma)

Discover Why the

Atlas Orthogonal Procedure 

is So Undeniably Effective, 
a Study Was Published in a Mainstream Medical Journal...

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Television's "CSI Miami"

Star, Eva LaRue 
Ends 10 Years of Pain 

"A friend of mine told me about atlas orthogonal.... 
It was magic. A miracle."

How the Healing Power

of Cold Laser Therapy

is Helping Sufferers

of Chronic Neck Pain

to See the Light

Learn Why the

Erchonia Laser is the Treatment Tool of Choice

for Doctors Who Treat

the World's Elite Athletes...

and Why it Could Help

You Too!

Have You Really Done 


Possible to Stop Your

Chronic Neck Pain?

By Dr. Donald Liebell

If you have been suffering neck pain… and you've tried painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs… Or perhaps have failed to get out of pain with physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, stretches, or even neck surgery… You’ve come to the right place.


Because since 1993, I’ve been helping sufferers of chronic neck pain (and related conditions)… after all else had failed… without drugs, surgery, physical therapy, or even exercises.  This includes helping people suffering from the chronic effects of:

- Whiplash or other head/neck trauma

- Degenerative, bulging or herniated spinal discs

- Failed cervical fusion or other neck surgery 

- Post-concussion syndrome…

- Supposed age-related arthritic degeneration

Are you disgruntled by doctors who have little-to-no experience eliminating neck pain beyond giving you a prescription for drugs or physical therapy?  If you’re ready to move into the big leagues and realize that you have NOT done everything you could for your neck pain… it will be my privilege to help you.  That is the purpose of this article... this website... my clinic. 

Stick around if you're looking for solutions to your neck pain.  Countless patients have experience such positive results—people with allegedly hopeless cases of neck pain… that a realistic chance for you to get better is definitely on the menu. (And it feels so good when I help people after nothing else has worked.)

My name is Dr. Donald Liebell. I’ve spent many years training with the top doctors, researchers, and teachers in several disciplines of chronic pain relief (with over 25 years of clinical experience treating people who were considered not treatable by others) to perfect my one-of-a-kind comprehensive treatment approach, specifically for helping chronic neck pain sufferers.  

I offer treatment, which addresses the many possible causes of your neck problems... using exclusively non-surgical and drug-free treatments (These are scientific methods, by the way, which have had positive studies and papers published in medical journals throughout the world).   

I am our region’s only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist.  This is the rare, but wickedly effective neck specialty featured several years ago on TV’s “The Doctors” and “The Montel Williams Show” with published research in the Journal of Whiplash and Related Disorders.  This amazing procedure is legendary because it truly is a huge shortcut road map to go from unrelenting pain… to pain-free (without numbing you into submission with powerful drugs… leaving the cause of your pain uncorrected!). 

To the best of my knowledge, the Liebell Clinic, was our area’s first facility to become equipped with the state-of-the-art Erchonia Cold Laser—a major breakthrough in pain relief and healing, which is used for some of the world’s elite athletes. 

Only a handful of American doctors perform a scientifically verified, and magnificently effective acupuncture specialty called 3-Phase Auricular Therapy.  It was developed by an award-winning French neurologist in the 1960s.  It is endorsed by the World Health Organization, and the subject of dozens of positive studies and articles published in medical journals… yet most doctors (and even most acupuncturists!) are unaware of its existence, let alone how to perform it correctly.     

My reputation has been earned by successfully treating people who’ve been “tossed in the trash” by other doctors… people who were told “learn to live with the pain.” Patients testify that I have been consistently able to unravel the mystery of the cause of their neck problems… and provided stunningly effective treatments to improve quality of life.  They tell me that I make it easy, simple, and painless (and even fun) for anyone with a solid commitment to succeed. 

It has been my privilege to help neck pain sufferers of all ages to return to activities they’d given up on.  And in many cases, resolve neck pain for people who were told by another doctor that they “had to” have surgery… that it was their “only option.” What a thrill it has been to become known for getting to the bottom of various additional problems associated with neck pain, such as: headaches, shoulder and arm pain, numbness and tingling in the hand, and back pain)…when nobody else could find anything wrong. 

I think you will be pleased to know that it is extremely rare that I blame neck pain on AGE (as patients often tell me other doctors have done).  This cop-out is a shameful and unacceptable, and in my opinion, lazy.  Too many people have also been told their necks hurt because of “arthritis” (I find this to be an incorrect diagnosis in many cases!).

I pride myself in being the doctor of choice for people who refuse to settle for mediocre treatment, just because insurance might cover it, cementing my status as “go-to-guy” for neck pain and related problems. 

There’s only one thing to think about…

Do you want to just continue doing what you’ve been doing for your neck problems (if you are doing anything at all)… or do you want me to see if I may be able to help you?  

I am ready... if you are truly ready to be helped.  In short… if your neck hurts, or it’s just stiff or uncomfortable, and you are serious about getting help… I have the skills, knowledge, experience, and technology to likely help you.

Of course, I can’t help everybody (A “red flag” should go up for anybody who claims they can!)… and I’ll immediately tell you if I do NOT think I can.  Everybody is different.  I want to see evidence that you can be likely helped.

Let me get one thing straight:
You are NEVER under any obligation to for examination or treatment of any kind.  I do not use any sales tactics or pressure of any kind.  If you’ve experienced treatment at another facility where you had to sign up for 6 months or a year… I am at a loss for words to even comment. Any long-term treatment you might require will be based exclusively upon short-term RESULTS.

If you do not wish to pursue my services… it’s quite okay; you won’t hurt my feelings.  I will continue doing what I do best, as I have done for a long time.  People don’t flock to my office because they are merely curious about ending their neck pain frustration.  The majority of the people who seek my expertise are those who have learned the hard way that correcting the causes of chronic neck pain is not a matter of popping some pills, doing some stretches, or (in many cases) rapidly submitting to neck surgery.  

Ultimately, it’s not about what I can say to you… it’s about the relief from neck pain I may be able to bring you!

The public is STARVED for competent doctors, who can get to the underlying CAUSES of pain.  It doesn’t matter what happens to the economy, either. Recession, boom times, war, disaster… it doesn’t matter.  To outsiders, it’s like a secret, nearly-unsolvable puzzle.  

This puzzle of chronic neck pain must be solved, using a step-by-step process, with laser-like focus.  When it is… you’re on your way to getting the results you deserve.

I report to you (with not a shred of exaggeration, unnecessary fanfare or drama) that with the little-known, but highly-sought-after procedures I have tapped into, I have cracked the code for countless cases of chronic neck pain… for many, making painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs obsolete.

But I’m not naïve; I understand that conventional medical care (drugs, surgery, and physical therapy) dominates the American health care system… both financially, and in the minds of the public.  

People have been long brainwashed into adopting terminology such as alternative medicine for anything outside this realm.  I am keenly aware that when I mention that my methods are drug-free and non-surgical, it arouses suspicion.  

That’s okay... I can handle it.  

The psychological tactics that organized pharmaceutical-based medicine has used (to suppress the success of any competitors, by instilling fear and doubt) are legendary. 

Indeed, most people will sabotage their legitimate chance to eliminate their neck pain because they refuse to consider something different.  They think it’s all too good to be true

They pander to gospel of insufferable, snooty, and arrogant snobs--practitioners, who discourage pain sufferers from pursuing safe, sensible, proven, and affordable treatment methods, even though they haven’t the foggiest notion of what they actually are, and how they work (never having cracked open widely available articles in medical journals).  

The major flaw in their thinking is empowering such unscrupulous professionals with their health--individuals, who cleverly disguise themselves as experts in everything, by virtue of earning a medical degree.

How pathetic!  

It’s remarkable how a closed mind can keep one’s neck hurting!  
Those folks cripple themselves by inaction, because they assume that if ONE doctor says “it won’t work, don’t do it!”… so it "must be" true. 

But it’s all fine with me… I do not want to treat anybody who has to be dragged kicking and screaming into my office!  I have no desire to talk anybody into seeing me.  If you need to be convinced that you need help... you're probably not ready to see me. 

I am only interested in treating people who have significant problems—people who are ready right now to get their lives back.  I particularly cater to those long-suffering individuals, who have been manhandled by a medical system that is motivated and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, rather than patients' needs. 

I offer you realistic hope; not smoke and mirrors, or promises of a miracle cure.

I do NOT offer experimental procedures, the latest surgery or fad. 

I offer a unique blend of treatments and time-tested technologies that have been used successfully around the world.

You should never underestimate the healing power of the human body.  
My patients can attest to the fact that what some doctors view as miracle cases (you know—the ones who got better without drugs or surgery) are actually common occurrences.  Keep in mind that ALL results achieved at the Liebell Clinic are the result of such natural healing. No drug, exercise, or surgical procedure can replicate these sophisticated types of treatment.  

Anyway, if this sounds like exactly what you need… then you’ll want to check out the right hand column of this page (or the top or bottom menus), and click on the articles, so you can learn about my methods… so you can perhaps become the next patient to say, “Why didn’t anybody tell me about you before?” 

If you feel, deep down, that I may be the doctor you need on your side, so you can move more quickly toward getting out of pain… then I invite you to take the opportunity to call my office at: (757) 631-9799, and arrange an evaluation.  Together, you and I will figure out if my treatment approach is likely to get you feeling better… faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Thank you for taking the time, and for considering me to help you.  

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                                                                     - Dr. Donald Liebell        

​​I'm in pain 24 hours a

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The Atlas Orthogonal Procedure
"It's the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me"

- Montel Williams

Dr. Donald Liebell

D.C., B.C.A.O.

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