​​​​The Multiple Sclerosis Phenomena
Doctors are Still Ignoring!

Are the Causes of MS Really "Unknown?" 

​​Are there Structural Causes? Could the Bacterial Infection Associated with Lyme Disease be Involved? 

Is it a Crazy Conspiracy Theory… or Perhaps Harsh Reality, Backed by Published Medical Research?

Discover the Area of the Body, When Properly Evaluated & Treated, Could Changed the Lives of MS Sufferers Instantly... Like it Did for Montel Williams   

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

   If you could read just one article about help for Multiple Sclerosis, this is it.  I dare you to read this entire article and not change the way you think about your Multiple Sclerosis.

   Dr. Erika Schwartz is an internationally recognized physician, patient advocate, and expert in conventional and integrative medicine -- with more than 31 years experience.  "Dr. Erika" as she is known, recently referred her patient, popular CBS television talk show host, and MS sufferer, Montel Williams for a rare, specialized treatment with upper neck specialist, Dr. Patrick Kerr of New York.  

   In Montel’s 2004 autobiography, Climbing Higher, which became a New York Times bestseller, he detailed his struggle with Multiple Sclerosis.  Then, just a few years later, he was thrilled to tell the world about his stunning improvement on his show.  

   What is Montel Williams’ Secret?

   If you've been passively accepting that the causes of multiple sclerosis are unknown, and that nothing really can be done to help you, you may soon think again.  

    Listen closely.  You can spend hours reading about the gloom and doom of Multiple Sclerosis—focusing all your attention (as I suspect most physicians do) on its diagnosis…or… you can pay attention to the following information that apparently very few doctors are considering:

   Conventional medical diagnostic tests that work for detecting and proving you have Multiple Sclerosis (Brain MRI, Analysis of cerebrospinal fluid) do not necessarily apply to some of your symptoms—overlooking other factors can rob you of the chance to feel better

There is a rare procedure that might dramatically boost your overall health and well being... it has  been proven to work with many chronic conditions. 

  Treatment should center around stimulating your body’s natural healing potential, rather than merely suppressing symptoms with the latest drug.

   There is a science to improving nerve function (which is crucial for MS patients).  And there are certain immutable laws which govern how your brain communicates with your body.  Once these “laws of life” are followed, anyone can improve their health and well being – with mathematical precision.

The Potential “Missing Links” in the

Treatment of People With Multiple Sclerosis

    MS has been the subject of exhaustive study since its discovery in 1868.  There’s a ton of fascinating, but largely inconclusive data.   You’ve heard it before.  “There’s no cure for MS…but more and more research is being done every day.”  Sure, we need more research… but, what about right now?  What can MS sufferers do today? 

    If you’re like the typical victim, you began with symptoms which lead you to in-depth medical testing and ultimately… the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  It can be terrifying.  As soon as you’re given this “life-sentence,” the emotions that surge through your body are staggering.  You wonder,“what hope is there for me to have a normal life?”  Isn’t a shame that a country as rich and wonderful as the United States hasn’t really gained much ground in 140 years.

    The term, Multiple Sclerosis refers to multiple scars (plaques) or lesions.  Scientists have focused on the “white matter” of the brain and the spinal cord.  Multiple Sclerosis destroys the “myelin sheath” -- tissue that helps nerve cells carry their signals.  It’s believed that it is the result of your immune system attacking your nervous system.  But still, no concrete cause has been found.  

    Now here’s the key: Basically, MS is a disease of the nervous system... a malfunctioning of the nervous system where the nerve cells can’t conduct their messages properly between the brain and body.  And, it’s important to understand that with modern diagnostic imaging, scientists now say that a lot of the damage actually occurs outside the brain... and nearly any neurological symptom can be present with Multiple Sclerosis.
    So what does this mean to you? 

    It means that ANY disturbance to your nervous system can produce symptoms present with MS.  And this means that...  Every Symptom Associated with Multiple Sclerosis...  Is NOT Necessarily CAUSED by Multiple Sclerosis

  They're blaming everything that ails you on Multiple Sclerosis (even the “textbook symptoms”)—simply assuming your nerve-related symptoms are ALL caused by your MS…
    Is Dead Wrong! 

    This was certainly the case with Montel Williams.  Let’s look at this logically: Let’s consider two hypothetical patients.

    Patient “A” is someone who DOESN’T have Multiple Sclerosis.  She suffers balance troubles, numbness in the hands, upper back and neck pain, and fatigue.

    Patient “B” has Multiple Sclerosis.  She also suffers balance troubles, numbness in the hands, upper back and neck pain, and fatigue. 

    Hmm… this common scenario forces us to think, “what’s the difference between the two patients… how does patient “A” have the same MS symptoms?  This should be the “a-ha” moment for you, if you have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  

    There are many KNOWN causes of breakdown to the nervous system, that can cause these and many other symptoms… Treatable causes… causes that are NOT lesions of Multiple Sclerosis.  As you sit here reading this article, you now understand that instead of accepting MS as your “identity” or your fate, you should take massive action right now -- to find out every and any possible known disturbance to your nervous system. 

   The great news is that scientists have indeed isolated various causes of nervous system malfunction.  But there are some key aspects that are sadly only being considered by a small number of open-minded doctors and the media.

   Something Doctors Had Barely Noticed 

    There’s been some recent evidence that a tiny hidden neck problem from a trauma could be a factor in MS.  It could come from a neck, head or upper back injury, possibly 10 years or more prior to onset of symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis.  Some MS sufferers indeed remember having head injuries, car accidents, falls.  Some don’t.  But one particular kind of neck problem has been sadly, not looked for in most patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

  Research Journal Publishes Amazing Case Study 

    In the May 2001, the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR) published a dazzling case report by my colleague, Dr. Erin Elster of Colorado, whose practice, like mine, is focused on specialized diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the upper neck (upper cervical spine): 

    A 47-year-old woman had begun to have MS symptoms 3 years prior to the study.  She recalled having a fall about 10 years prior to her MS symptoms coming on, which was diagnosed by a neurologist.  At first she had loss of bladder control and difficulty processing thoughts.  Her symptoms worsened for 2 years, and she had leg weakness and “pins and needles” sensations in her arms and legs.  Medication was recommended, however instead she began treatment of her upper neck (upper cervical spine).  Sophisticated x-ray analysis revealed that the top part of her neck (upper cervical spine) was slightly misaligned with her skull.   Specific corrections (upper cervical) were performed, and her progress was closely monitored with examinations and diagnostic tests.  After 4 months of treatment, all symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis were GONE… and… follow-up MRI’s revealed reduction of the original MS lesions.  Two years since, no MS symptoms returned. 

    We doctors in the field of diagnosis and treatment of upper neck related disorders (upper cervical doctors) have suspected that this all-important area of the body might have something to do with some cases of Multiple Sclerosis.  Dr. Elster went on to help an additional 75 or so MS patients, and an article was published in “Women’s Magazine” entitled,  New Drug-Free Method Helps Multiple Sclerosis Patients.

    There’s more…

    Another 5-year study on 44 patients produced the same conclusion; that proper treatment of upper neck injuries could improve or even reverse progression of MS.  Most of the patients in the study reported some sort of trauma, such as sports injuries, car accidents or falls—ranging from two months to 30 years ago. According to the research journal, a staggering 91 percent of the patients showed improvement.  What’s even more shocking is that in the same study, 37 Parkinson’s disease patients experienced similarly amazing results.  This was the first time any common link between these two dreaded diseases had been made.  Obviously armed with this knowledge, all MS sufferers should pursue evaluation with a specialist in the field of upper neck treatment.

   Amazing, right? 

    So you’ve got to be wondering, “why hasn’t our government jumped on this discovery and allocated big-time funding to research this further? 
 A solid question. 

   The answer seems to lie in the fact that this is a physical treatment and there’s absolutely no role played by pharmaceutical companies.  Hmm… with hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year on Multiple Sclerosis research – none goes towards treatments such as this performed by drug-free treating physicians. 

   Even though medical researchers have considered that neck and head injuries might be a factor in both MS and Parkinson’s disease, the focus has been only on developing new medicines.  Clearly there’s got to be a corporate profit centered approach that IS well-funded.  Consider Avonex, the drug that’s been highly promoted for treatment of MS symptoms.  It can cost you a whopping $1,200 per month—indefinitely! 

 Wouldn’t you love it if the same funding that went into the research and development of Avonex went into research that focused on finding and treating CAUSE factors of MS, like upper cervical care, dietary research and other treatments that didn’t have ties to corporate riches? 

    If you're like most MS sufferers, it makes your blood boil to discover that help IS available, but you're being kept in the dark basically because there's no "pot of gold" for pharmaceutical companies regarding natural, corrective and rehabilitative treatments.  If you're like many MS victims, you may be living under the false assumption that every ache, pain, imbalance and neurological symptom you endure is caused by the brain lesions of multiple sclerosis. 

   It is possible that some of your troubles are caused by interference to nerve function resulting from an upper neck imbalance.  Fortunately there is an entire specialty - doctors who've devoted their careers to the study of this all-important area of the body.  There is even a great patient advocate non-profit organizations as well, formed by a upper neck treatment patient, Greg Buchanan, who understood that people must not have to wait for government funding in order to learn about this safe, time-tested and scientific treatment option.  Their purpose is to provide public information to people desperately searching for answers to their medical conditions.

  If you don't live in the Virginia Beach area, and you're interested in finding out if there's an upper cervical spine specialist similar to myself in your area, go to: www.upcspine.com.

   What a joy it would be to be involved in a major research study for Multiple Sclerosis patients and treatment of the upper neck.  But until the U.S. government comes knocking on our doors with a big research grant proposal, we doctors will continue doing what we do best: helping patients -- one at a time. Now, there's another major part of the Multiple Sclerosis puzzle that has long been known, but blatantly ignored:Chronic Infection... Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, and Other Parasites... Most Notably, Lyme Disease

   The term, multiple sclerosis simply means many hardened tissues—specifically degeneration of nerve tissue called the myelin sheath.
  The diagnosis of MS does not imply any specific cause.  Multiple sclerosis is a diagnosis of description.  Therefore, it seems logical that any known agent that can result in a substantial amount of the various symptoms of a disease… can be considered a CAUSE.  Well, it seems that for decades, there have been published papers pointing to bacteria, viruses, and fungi as precipitating factors for people with signs and symptoms, which could be categorized as those of multiple sclerosis. 

The infections associated with chronic Lyme disease have been considered by many to be significant.  Published medical research (available through most university libraries) has shown that the demyelination (nerve destruction) and sclerotic lesions normally associated with (cause “unknown”) MS, can be caused by long-standing infection from Borrelia, the bacteria associated with Lyme disease.  One should be aware that syphilis (caused by similar bacteria to Lyme) can cause demyelination too.  Viruses such as Epstein Barr, as well as mycotoxins (the poisons produced by molds) have been implicated with multiple sclerosis, but ignored medically as well.

   The point is that bacteria, fungi, and viruses can indeed cause symptoms of MS. 
 There is NO definitive medical test to diagnose multiple sclerosis.  It is a diagnosis usually arrived at after “ruling out” other conditions.  Therefore, it seems logical to consider all kinds of microbes. 

   But there are some major obstacles.

   On television and the movies, doctors run tests and usually find the cause of the patient’s problem.  I often wonder, what are these tests?   In my practice, I see sufferers of chronic pain and illness, who seem to have had every conceivable medical test… yet nothing can be found.  They are told “nothing is wrong.”

   How can this be?

   We have the greatest medical technology… we can see deep inside the human body with great precision, down to our DNA core…  Yet we’re not a healthy nation.  We’ve got “non-profit” health organizations that have raised countless hundreds of millions of dollars towards research, but people have continued to suffer the same aches and pains, fatigue, depression, digestive difficulties, insomnia, heart disease, and cancer, etc. as always.  Tens of millions of dollars are spent yearly on research and aid for multiple sclerosis.  The public has been told all along that no cause or cure has been found.  This is disturbing, since there have been many doctors and researchers, whose medically published papers have indicated certainty that various micro-organisms can be, at least, part of the cause.

   Could it be that the business of medicine is in conflict with health CARE?

  There are many obstacles involved with possible causes of multiple sclerosis being isolated and treated.  Laboratory tests do NOT work like they do on television and the movies.  They do not find every germ, every lesion, and every cause of every problem!  The standard accepted blood tests for Lyme disease are terrible, and miss the majority of cases.  Chronic Lyme disease must be diagnosed by case history and symptoms, possibly assisted by blood test results—but only if they’re positive.  It is rare that fungal causes are ever considered, if they can properly be tested for at all.  The same goes for viruses. 

   The various physical findings of multiple sclerosis and Lyme disease are often exactly the same. 
It has been well-established that infectious microbes such as Borrelia, the bacteria of Lyme, can trigger autoimmune responses and nerve damage, which can shown up in your body in the form of symptoms and damage associated with MS.  Unfortunately, it seems that doctors have been willing to blindly trust the negative Lyme blood tests as a “ruling out” factor, and stick to the general diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  This “acceptance” of a disease with allegedly no known causes, in my opinion is the leading obstacle.  

The next obstacle comes in the form of treatments.  What if chronic Lyme, and/or fungal causes are indeed found.  What will the treatments be?  The treatment of Lyme disease through traditional Western medicine is “bombing” bacteria with long courses of oral and/or intravenous antibiotics.  This is of course a practice that has been considered both dangerous and ineffective (although still done by some doctors).  In addition, since multiple sclerosis is a condition where the brain is affected… and antibiotics do not enter the brain due to the protection of our bodies’ blood-brain-barrier… it is unlikely that antibiotics could do much for the MS type symptoms and degeneration.

   Since pharmaceutical-based medicine has no effective solution for chronic Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis continues to be more commonly diagnosed.
  After all, there are indeed FDA-approved prescription medicines to manage symptoms associated with MS (as well as for fibromyalgia, and other symptom/sign-based diagnoses).  There are none specifically for Lyme, which is a CAUSE-based diagnosis.  The same is the case for most fungal problems—anti-fungal medicines have been proven to be very dangerous, and are thus rarely given.  This is despite mountains of evidence of health problems associated with fungi.

Is it possible that it is much easier, convenient, and lucrative for doctors to give a diagnosis for which there are prescription drugs available to “manage” the condition indefinitely?  Do you think investigation, discovery, and effective treatment to handle the underlying causes would be destructive to the business of multiple sclerosis?  Erroneously labeled “complementary and alternative” medicine has shown insights into multiple sclerosis, but continues to be suppressed and slandered by “Big Pharma.”  Methods that work WITH the natural healing capacities of the human body are never seriously looked at.  The harsh reality is that the business of traditional Western medicine rejects this approach.  

   The homeopathic and ear-acupuncture-based wellness protocols by which my family and my patients have used to successfully overcome the ravages of chronic Lyme disease would be laughed at, at best, by the mainstream medical establishment.  It's a good thing I couldn't care less what other doctors think; results are what matter!

Is it Lyme or is it Multiple Sclerosis?  Could it be both?

   It's important to understand that there are diagnoses such as MS that are in reality, merely a name given to a set of agreed upon signs and symptoms, often without a CAUSE known or at least associated with the condition.  Then there are diagnoses such as Lyme disease that are specifically based upon a particular cause (the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi).  Both multiple sclerosis and chronic Lyme disease are diagnoses that are based upon clinical symptoms, history, and physical findings.  Often a neurologist views an MRI of the brain, which reveals lesions of the white matter.  However, this is a finding present in both conditions.

   Unlike the accepted signs and symptoms of MS, chronic Lyme victims may have joint and muscle pains.  Multiple sclerosis is considered a disease of the brain, central nervous system, as well as the optic (eye) nerve.  The similarities however, are much fewer than the differences.  Both chronic Lyme and multiple sclerosis share damage to nerves of movement and sensation, as well as cognitive dysfunction, weakness, eye problems, and many others.  It appears that Lyme affects more areas of the nervous system, if we are trying to distinguish one from the other (although I am not!).

   Ultimately, there’s no definitive medical test for either condition. 
The standard blood tests specific for Lyme disease are a disaster.  They come up falsely negative as often as 75 percent of the time, according to a Johns Hopkins University study.  Therefore it is a tragic mistake when doctors tell patients they've "ruled out Lyme with blood tests." 

   However, LabCorp medical diagnostic laboratories does offer a helpful blood test called Stricker Panel or HNK-CD57, which measures immune system function.  The FDA does not authorize it as a diagnostic test for Lyme by itself; they require a positive Western Blot (the pitiful standard test).  Nevertheless, according to LabCorp a healthy CD57 score is 200 or better, with a normal range of 60-360.  It has been reported that low CD57 scores (under 60) are seen ONLY in chronic Lyme and AIDS, but NOT with multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or other autoimmune conditions.

   In my practice, I have indeed referred long-diagnosed “MS” patients for the CD57 blood test… and discovered many to have scores way below 60!  Combining this lab evidence with their clinical history (which often included recollection of tick bites and other obvious signs of Lyme) along with my Auricular medicine bio-energetic testing, I have no doubt that many people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis indeed have Lyme, along with other microbial infections at the core of their illness.

When we utilize a whole-body, wellness-based approach to treatment, the name of your condition or syndrome does not matter.  I do not treat infectious disease, nor do I treat the MS diagnosis.  I treat PEOPLE who suffer pain, fatigue, neurological symptoms, and other problems.  A diagnosis may be a helpful shortcut, as we investigate for possible causes. 

   We want to use non-pharmaceutical approaches to encourage your immune system to function better—to eliminate microbial causes of whatever your condition is categorized as… and to promote healing and halt further degeneration.  Please take your time exploring my Lyme disease website, www.Hope4Lyme.com, including all of my articles, testimonials, and other content.  

   Since 1993, it has been my privilege and joy to serve the needs of chronic pain sufferers, both local and out-of-state.  Your questions and feedback are welcome, so don’t be shy about emailing me with questions or comments! 

Learn All About Chronic Lyme Disease at: www.Hope4Lyme.com

-Dr. Donald Liebell 

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