The cornerstone of the Atlas Orthogonal procedure is the x-ray analysis.  It provides a "blueprint" for the procedure.  Pinpoint precision (measurements to a fraction of a degree) is required to determine the correct treatment for each patient.  The analysis reveals the mathematical data necessary to calibrate the Atlas Orthogonal instrument.  Thanks to the innovative research and development of many scientists, doctors, programmers and engineers, this sophisticated analysis can be performed.  This is critical because everybody's treatment is different.     

    Once you have completed you initial new patient consultation and examination you will be referred for to MRI-CT Diagnostics for digital x-rays.  Dr. Charles Hecht-Leavitt, Neuroradiologist, is the medical director Hampton Roads' premier medical imaging facility.  Dr. Hecht-Leavitt has some of the finest diagnostic technology available.  I have trained his superb x-ray chief technician to take the specialized neck images required for my Atlas Orthogonal analysis.

    In many cases, no appointment is necessary to have the images taken, with my referral.  You will be given a form, which gives the technicians the specific views requested.  Once the x-rays have been taken, I receive them digitally from their facility. 

    The Atlas Orthogonal analysis involves various mathematical instruments or templates used with the software.  They are maneuvered and superimposed over your images, which are taken from various angles and positions.  Once you've had your images taken, you will return for a follow-up appointment at the Liebell Clinic for a comprehensive report of findings. 

   Your neck images with their measurements will be shown and explained to you.  

                                                         - Dr. Donald Liebell

Atlas Orthogonal Mathematical X-ray Analysis

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