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The Amazing Therapeutic Tape

Used for Olympic Athletes... 

That Can Help You Too!

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

​   This amazing therapeutic taping method, which my patients have appreciated for years, has revolutionized the sports medicine world.  If you watched the 2012 Summer Olympics, you couldn't miss the colorful tape on many of the athletes.  Kinesio-tape was developed by chiropractor, Dr. Kenzo Kase of Japan.  According to Dr. Kase, “Kinesio-taping is a rehabilitative, therapeutic modality based on the body’s own natural healing process.”  

   Kinesio-tape is quite different from conventional sports taping. The goal of conventional taping is to constrict and immobilize movement of an injured muscle or joint. Usually several layers of tape are rolled around or over an affected area, which creates pressure and a reduction of flow of bodily fluids. Dr. Kaze determined that this was not a desired effect.  Kinesio-taping on the other hand, is based on a totally different philosophy. Its purpose is to provide a free range of motion, allowing your body’s muscular system to heal itself through its own natural mechanics.  Kinesio-tape prevents muscles from contracting too much. It also stimulates the flow of lymph fluid, which is critical to repair and regeneration of tissues.  

   Kinesio-tape helps the nervous system and is thus a fantastic partner to treatments including: chiropractic, electrical stimulation, cold laser therapy and other physical medicine procedures. Doctors and therapists of nearly every discipline worldwide are embracing Kinesio-tape.  One should be aware that there are a few repulsive articles that can be found on the Web whose authors attempt to discredit the tape as working by the "placebo effect."  Some have even gone as far as to say that the athletes wear it as "fashion."  What a pathetic attempt it is to put down drug-free and non-surgical methods.  For goodness sake... it's TAPE!!  Athletic taping is not some crazy new fad that needs "proving" with double-blind research studies.  Trying to question the credibility of a brilliant, safe, and effective therapeutic taping method, is just another one of the ongoing heinous efforts by pharmaceutical-based medicine "conventional" medicine to harm natural health care competition.   
   Here’s how Kinesio-tape works:

     Kinesio-tape lifts your skin gently, which permits blood and lymph to flow more easily underneath the treated area. This reduces swelling and pain. Its unique design simulates human skin in thickness and weight. It stretches, unlike most conventional athletic tape. Remember: Kinesio-tape functions to move with your muscles; not restrict them.  Kinesio-tape is also heat activated and quite durable. It is typically worn for 3-4 days. It’s made from high-grade cotton, so it breathes well, and it’s latex-free for sensitive skin.

   Because Kinesio-tape supports muscle, it helps improve muscle contraction in weak muscles. It reduces muscle fatigue and prevents excessive exertion, contraction and cramping, while simultaneously increasing range of motion.  Kinesio-tape improves blood and lymphatic circulation and reduces excess heat in the injured tissues.   Kinesio-tape can be an important part of any treatment protocol.   Instead of covering up pain with drugs, I utilize the tape to stimulate healing and repair, in conjunction with cold laser therapy, Atlas Orthogonal, electrical stimulation and manual therapy techniques.

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