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​​Integrative Medicine: 
21st Century Health Care 

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

    I am a supporter of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.  This means that ALL methods, philosophies, and treatment approaches are considered for the benefit of patients.  I do not separate health care into different factions.  There is a time and a place for all different types of treatment and diagnostic approaches.  

   In the United States, the term,
alternative medicine refers to any healing practice or procedure that is not part of the conventional medicine mainstream system.  In other words, anything outside the realm of prescription drugs, surgery and traditional physical therapy is classified as alternative medicine. 

   Complementary medicine generally refers to alternative practices combined with the mainstream Western medical approach.  Throughout the world, the term, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has become standard.  What is classified as CAM, of course varies from country to country.

    Some scientists and practitioners reject the use of the term, alternative medicine altogether. 
They feel that a method has either been adequately tested and proven to be effective, or it has not.   There are indeed many appropriately labeled alternative health care practices that not only have not been tested, but their advocates are unwilling to even have them tested (and often deny the need for such).  These may be treatments whose results are more urban legend than fact.  

      I generally prefer treatment approaches that are NATURAL, but with a scientific basis, and a solid history of success. 
This is not to say that all treatments that don't stand up to research conditions are invalid.  Not everything can be tested sufficiently in a double-blind research study.  

   Homeopathic medicine is a good example of a safe and highly effective method, which is so customized to the individual that it doesn't fit the model of standard research.  With homeopathic medicine, the patient is treated rather than the disease or medical condition.  

    The fact remains that there are many highly effect, scientifically proven alternatives to drugs and surgery that are used throughout the world.  These days, more Americans are seeking mainstream medicine for diagnostic testing, while they turn, at least in part, to so-called alternatives for treatment.  This is known as an integrated medical approach because it is a combination of conventional medical treatments with CAM approaches.  

    This cooperative approach is how I run my practice.  I utilize modern diagnostic technology with several drug-free and non-surgical procedures, which stand up to scientific scrutiny.  I neither reject all conventional medicine, nor do I uncritically accept all alternative medicine.  I feel that medical treatment should be designed to fit the needs of the individual patient, and that ANY and ALL approaches should be considered.   

    As you navigate throughout my website, you will have the opportunity to get a clear picture of my treatment approach. 
I offer a unique variety of non-surgical, drug-free treatments and technologies, as well as nutritional, fitness, health and wellness advice, and product recommendations.  I use any one or more of such as your case requires.  Furthermore, my expertise includes unbiased, practical integration and referral to ANY and ALL types of medical professionals and resources.

    So relax; you won't have to feel like you're being forced to choose sides between conventional and alternative medicine. 
  I treat health care as ONE thing: the means of improving YOUR quality of life—doing whatever it takes to get better.  Finding and learning the best methods I can has been my ongoing top priority. 

    Every BODY is different! 

    With the conventional American medical approach, the goal is generally for the doctor to quickly make a diagnosis and give treatment.
It’s a necessary process to put out the fire for acute and emergency conditions.   Diagnosis is based upon signs, symptoms and some of the patient’s background.  

   But this approach is way less effective with CHRONIC conditions.  

   In my opinion, this is the root of a major flaw in the American health care system; using the acute treatment model as the basis for treatment of chronic problems. 

   When a doctor quickly names the condition—the diagnosis, in order to select a medication to treat that condition, what is the typical result? 

   Barely any attention is paid to the patient beyond the symptoms and history of their condition. 

   The patient’s entire health picture and circumstances don’t get investigated thoroughly within the framework of their body.   Each individual symptom or diagnosis is regarded as a separate problem, which is given separate treatment; different drugs for each problem.  

I feel that one of the shortcomings of exclusively utilizing conventional medicine can be looked at with the analogy of a TREE; the focus is on the leaves and branches…but the trunk and the roots are FORGOTTEN.  

    Health care systems beyond the realm of the American pharmaceutical model are typically lumped into the category of alternative medicine.  This is shameful, as the Unites States was last ranked by the World Health Organization as having the 37th best health care system.  We're tops when it comes to acute and emergency care, but not so hot with chronic conditions. 

   The so-called alternative practices (researched and practiced by healthier nations) must be perceived as a more effective and sensible model of health care for CHRONIC conditions.   

   My role is to be part of an American upgrade!

   With an integrated medical approach, I consider the BIG Picture; your individual and complete story is of the utmost importance—not just a symptom or diagnosis. 

    Your body is an integrated series of systems.
  Pain and other symptoms often have more than just one cause.  Therefore your problems often require more than just one treatment approach to provide a solution.  

  You must be evaluated and treated as a whole—an integrated system that can have multiple blockages or interferences to your normal function (homeostasis). 

   I treat PEOPLE who have conditions; not the conditions.  There’s a huge difference.  Multiple approaches to diagnosis and treatment are necessary to accomplish this. 

   My job is to ferret out the reasons your body is not functioning, and find out how to restore that function to get you out of pain and promote better health.  I am proud to have received individual training from several doctors who are the tops in their respective fields. 

    I combine several critical methodologies and approaches so that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your health. The key is to get behind the causes of your symptoms and provide your body with the missing tools it needs to defend against it.  Lifestyle factors, injuries, and diet all have an impact on your individual situation.

   You can’t go back in time and change the past… but you can promote a better, healthier future right now.  International science supports the so-called “complementary and alternative medicine” approaches I take.  But the bottom line is that great results support these procedures.

 In order for me to thoroughly evaluate your condition and your health status, I will consider (and treat as appropriate) several key components… various blockages (interference) to normal function.  These blockages are:

Structural: mechanical problems with bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, other connective tissues

Energetic blockages: European and Asian medicine has long approached this aspect of health.  Modern 
science has validated many “Eastern” health care approaches.  

Electromagnetic Disturbances: Computers, cell phones and other technology can create energetic 
interference to your body—resulting in pain and disease 

Emotional Stress: always a factor in pain and illness

Nutritional Imbalances and Deficiencies: must be considered in all cases 

Immune System: sensitivities, weaknesses and allergies can be a factor in many painful conditions

Heavy Metal and Chemical Toxicity: can be one of the root causes of pain and illness

      My procedures are geared towards promoting wellness by addressing these blockages using several holistic methods—as opposed to a “single-cure” approach (which I consider to generally be a closed-minded approach).  In addition, treatments should not work against your body’s energetic systems.  Treatments are most effective when they support what your body’s systems are already trying to accomplish—by strengthening your immune system and all your organs and systems.   

      Instead of merely NAMING your condition (diagnosis), I am critically concerned with answering questions like: 

1) What and Where are the CAUSES of the symptom? 
2) Is that location a PRIMARY focus? Or is it secondary to another cause somewhere else in the body? 
3) What is making this problem chronic? 
4) Is it a structural problem?
5) Is it a neurological problem?
6) Are there energetic disturbances or blockages?
7) Are there nutritional problems?
4) What other areas and systems of the body are involved? 
5) What can be done to break the cycle of dysfunction that the patient is stuck in? 
6) What types of treatment are likely to be most helpful? 
7) Do your case require the expertise of other physicians or diagnostic tests?

    Obviously a whole new diagnosis and treatment perspective is required to answer these questions. We need the whole story, not just the basic surface facts—the symptoms.   Investigation of the various imbalances within the body is the key to discovering, and properly treating the underlying causes of pain and disease.  

      I’m sure you’ll agree that integrated medicine approach is clearly the most advanced, scientific and complete model of health care possible.  Plus, integrated medicine is NOT the property of any faction of health care.  It is neither alternative nor conventional.  It is a comprehensive model of health care that requires doctors to think critically. 

   With a cooperative spirit, it requires doctors of every discipline to be open-minded and informed; to be receptive to ALL and any treatment methods—not just their OWN specialty.  

   When doctors of all disciplines learn to recognize this; the most effective treatment plans can be created. These are treatment plans that consider MULTIPLE approaches and options. These are treatment plans that integrate all healing arts, philosophies and science from around the world.  

   In the integrated medical world:

   All types of practitioners are equal and important, whether they are a traditional medical doctor, chiropractor, neurosurgeon, naturopath, osteopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, etc.   

 We recognize the need for every type of practitioner and method to help people get better and stay better…all without the interferences of personal ego…without attitudes of superiority…and most importantly without ignorance of the methods of others. 

 We as practitioners, evaluate patients and select the appropriate treatment methods from a greatly expanded “toolkit.”
We are not limited to merely one approach—perhaps a technique we have mastered, trying to make patients fit that particular technique. There’s an old expression, “If you’re a hammer; all you see are nails. We must avoid that mindset at all costs.  

 It’s tough to think clearly when you’re in pain.  That’s why millions of Americans seek the fastest pain relief they can get their hands on… and think about side effects later (if at all).  The pharmaceutical companies understand this psychology all too well.  It’s easy to believe what the drug commercials say.  They’ll quite skillful at painting a wonderful picture—a world that’s free of pain, suffering and disease. Their commercials are packed with beautiful pictures, emotional music and a grand message of hope.  

   The problem is that they are selling an “illusion” of health, not the reality. 

      Obviously, there are times that drugs can save your life, or get you through a painful crisis.  The fundamental principle of  conventional Western medicinal pain treatment is to BLOCK or suppress pain signals with drugs.

   I appreciate and applaud medical developments to make this possible, however my goal is to promote your body’s ability to eliminate pain without drugs. 

   I never advise patients to cease taking medication (this do that on their own, in conjunction with the prescribing physician). 

   In my practice, I seek only methods that UN-BLOCK interference to your body’s energy systems.  

   If I am able to accept you as a patient, it will be based on evidence that any one or more of my treatment methods are appropriate and likely to benefit you.  You may click on any of the links below to learn all about each of them.

-Dr. Donald Liebell