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Vitamin D Deficiency Dilemma

Fantastic Food Fortification: 

Allergy Auricular Acupuncture (SAAT): 

Is there help for allergy to red meat (alpha-gal)? Discover the natural and holistic ear acupuncture treatment the may be your answer.  

Too many people are gambling with massive combinations of vitamin and mineral supplements.  You've got to eat... so why not get your nutrition the old-fashioned way... through FOOD!   COMING SOON: PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Vitamin D is critical for the function of muscles, joints, sleep cycle, your moods, and numerous other aspects of a healthy body.  Supplementation is recommended, but how most doctors and patients are doing it can be flat-out wrong. Discover the extraordinary method to determine your vitamin D need patented by a world-renowned cancer researcher... performed at the Liebell Clinic

Red Meat Allergy (Alpha-gal Syndrome):

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Age-Related Macular Degeneration Support: 

Is it Possible that This “Ancient Chinese Secret” Could Help Take 5-10 Years Off the Look of Your Face?  Discover the Modern Applications of this Extraordinary Healing Art—Embraced Not Only by Licensed Acupuncturists, but by Select Doctors Licensed to Perform Acupuncture Too… a True Anti-Aging Phenomenon

Quit Smoking (and Other Addictions/Cravings): 

While there is no outright cure or treatment that can fully reverse age-related macular degeneration, help is available.  The secret is not trying to directly treat the eye itself, but rather stimulating another seemingly unrelated part of the body, which can influence better function and healing in the eye.  Peculiar as it may seem, that body part is… the ear!

Health & Wellness Techniques

Imagine a health and wellness technology that cannot harm you… that introduces no physical or chemical force or agent into your body… and provides the gentlest support for your ailing body to regain its focus so it can naturally heal itself.  Quit imagining, it’s here!  I am proud to be among the pioneers of its usage.  

Bio-energetic Supplements & Wellness Support:  

If you really want to quit... and you're ready to quit... this will be the most important article you've ever read.   Why?  Because in a matter of days, YOU may be able to quit smoking forever... thanks to the remarkable science called Auricular Therapy.   It has been used with great success for many years across Europe and North America... but it has not received the attention it deserves!   

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture: 

No matter how bad your particular allergy is… no matter how long you’ve had it…   

No matter how many different treatment approaches you’ve tried…   In just 20 minutes your body could be on the road to naturally eliminating it—without drugs or allergy shots.  Sounds impossible, right?