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“There are specific reasons why you have never heard about this [Upper Cervical Procedures] before, and unfortunately, they are all about politics and money…   

The medical prejudice we encountered prevented us from being able to share this information with doctors and nurses who work with people who desperately needed this information, the very information that would have helped their patients avoid surgery in many cases and avoid the consumption of drugs with dangerous side effects. 

Because the doctors and nurses themselves did not know about this type of healthcare, and in some cases, they chose not to know, their patients have paid a high price for their medical doctor's ignorance.”  

Louella Harris, founder – 
the National Awareness Campaign for 
Upper Cervical Care

In Louella's Words:

 "I’m actually in a wheelchair.  I had polio as a child and I lost the use of both my legs, but fortunately, I’ve always had very strong arms, thank God for that…there’d be no way that I could function without that.  My wheelchair was an inconvenience, but I never a real incapacity.  I got my masters degree in rehabilitation counseling and married my wonderful husband, Richard.  Life was good.  

But then, I went through the most painful experience of my entire life – this was nine years ago.  I began to have pain crawling up my left arm – I thought it was because I was doing a lot of driving using my hand controls in my car, so I didn’t think much about it.  A month later, the pain had crept into my shoulders and my neck, and my whole upper torso began to hurt.  
  I suffered three more months.  I knew I was really in trouble.  I was praying, “God please, don’t let my arms go out on me” because it had gotten so bad that Richard had to dress me and feed me!  My bed became my world… My husband turned on a cassette player in the morning for me to listen to before he went to work, and he gave me the pain medication the doctor prescribed.  He’d come back later and help me go to the bathroom.  That was my life for eighteen months.  I went from being such an active person to this “hellish” situation.  I don’t even want to describe the emotional conflict that was going on.  The pain medication the doctor prescribed wasn’t even working!  In fact, I was getting worse.  I realized I was no better off and I just didn't feel like the same pleasant person I’d always been.  A doctor prescribed some stronger pain relievers and muscle relaxers, but I was still getting worse

  So anyway, Richard took me from doctor, to doctor, to doctor – you’ll do anything to find answers.  

So finally, this third doctor diagnosed me with this condition called “Fibromyalgia.”  
Well, the prognosis was horrible.  I was told that all I could really do was take pain medication and exercise.  Plus they said, “Mrs. Harris, you’re going to have to learn to live with it.”  

Well thank God that I was unwilling to accept that.  But I didn’t know where else to go – so I went home with my pain medication and lived a few more months in bed.  At times, Richard had to pack my body in ice, just to deal with the pain – but it never went away.   

All of the doctors’ tests – the x-rays, MRI’s and blood tests showed nothing.  Then I went to a chiropractor, but that didn’t help either, so I suffered another six months in bed.  The doctors were giving me the impression that my pain was “all in my head.”

My life was a wreck. I was a mere shadow of the woman I once was.  I could no longer sleep at night, or do anything I once enjoyed because of the pain.  I became an invalid.  I never considered myself handicapped just because I needed my wheelchair… but then I was totally bedridden because of the pain.

There was nothing I could do.  My husband was very patient, but I could tell it was really taking its toll on him too.  I was told: “sometimes we have to accept the hand we’re dealt in life.  You may just have to learn to live with Fibromyalgia pain for the rest of your life.”

“But I'm happy to tell you that I got my life back [due to the upper cervical procedure]… 
and I feel fantastic!”

        Louella Harris, Lakeland Florida

                                     How Did A Wheelchair-Bound Woman, Crippled 
                                            By Polio & Bedridden With Fibromyalgia, 

                                            Leave Hot-Shot Medical Specialists Dumbfounded 
                                            By Her “Miraculous” Recovery From 
                                            Constant Pain… Almost Overnight?

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

   The answer will shock and delight you!  It’s an amazingly simple, safe and scientific health care revelation that Fibromyalgia patients swear is literally as easy as a push of a button… instantly rejuvenating kick-starting your body’s ability to heal itself  no matter how pitifully ineffective previous medical treatment has been… and guaranteed free of drug side-effects!  Plus… if you’re qualified, it’s covered by most health insurances (even Medicare and Blue Cross)!

   Do you think Fibromyalgia is a treatable condition?  

   Louella Harris of Lakeland, Florida does… and she’s been proving it for more than 17 years of her life, thanks to a little-known treatment secret that propelled her out of the debilitating abyss of chronic pain… to stay out of pain, even though her body had deteriorated into a complete mess.  What’s more, she dedicated her life to sharing her secret with you.

   In an interview on CBS, Louella Harris said:

   “This type of health care was available all the time I suffered.  We just didn’t know about it.  It’s one thing to hurt because nothing can be done.  It’s entirely another to suffer because of ignorance.  That’s tragic!  Millions of people are in misery with Fibromyalgia right now, simply because they haven’t investigated this procedure, even though it’s been clinically proven for many decades, and taught in accredited professional institutions.”  

   Louella's story is fascinating, and worth finding out about if you’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (or suffer any supposedly “hopeless” chronic pain condition).  Louella, you see, was wheelchair-bound due to childhood polio, under 5 feet tall, with a spine curved like an “S”… and she developed devastating Fibromyalgia symptoms so serious, the doctors told her she should “learn to live with the pain”—nothing could be done (Louella became bedridden for 18 months because the Fibromyalgia stole the function of her arms, and she couldn’t operate her wheelchair or even feed herself.).  It’s painful to even think about what her pathetic life was like, so you may wonder…

“How in the World Did This Tragically Handicapped Lady Triumph Over Fibromyalgia?”

   Certainly the medical specialists Louella had previously consulted with had been baffled by the question… as did the chronic pain sufferers Louella spoke to all across America—in person, and through TV and radio appearances.

   But not anymore.

   Because Louella and a blossoming number of ecstatic and grateful patients, have spearheaded grassroots campaigns and formed non-profit patient advocate organizations dedicated to alerting the public to a rare-but proven procedure (performed by a handful of doctors worldwide) that is changing the lives of fibromyalgia (and other chronic pain) victims—who had previously lost all hope.

   Throughout over 18 years of educating the public about Upper Cervical Care (the specialized upper neck corrective procedure Louella says, gave her life back), Louella never failed to make a difference.  She’s consistently spoken to (and found help for) audiences of some of the worst pain sufferers on the planet—including a desperate man, James Tomas, who was set to commit suicide no too long ago (and who, thanks to this literally lifesaving treatment, formed a patient advocacy organization too).

   Louella has been the "savior" of former Fibromyalgia sufferers everywhere.
  Most Americans don’t know about this underground healthcare movement.  It’s perhaps the best-kept secret within our medical system.  Patients say many doctors (and the pharmaceutical companies’) reputation would be tarnished if the public found out about it.

   But you know those high profile “miracle drugs” advertised on television, like Lyrica, Cymbalta and others?  Well, they’re not the only “game in town” for Fibromyalgia patients.  Many pain sufferers have gleefully embraced the NATURAL treatment that has stomped out their pain after all else had failed.  No prescription pain medications, no antidepressants, and no sleeping pills.  Just you body’s own healing power, and some advanced skills, knowledge and technology of a handful of doctors.

   And, best thing of all, it’s completely painless and safe.

   Fibromyalgia REALLY destroys people’s lives.  Louella Harris simply found the right treatment because... She Never Gave Up

   Is Louella some kind of “wonder woman?”

   Not at all.

   She spent her youth walking on crutches and in a wheelchair, but never considered herself handicapped by Polio.  She got her Master’s Degree in rehabilitation counseling and found a wonderful husband.  And when the evil grips of Fibromyalgia crippled her for 18 months in bed, she never gave up hope.  Even though the pain was unbearable, she kept on searching for an answer—despite what the doctors told her.  She kept on searching until she discovered the secret to slaying the Fibromyalgia “monster” that had been her constant companion—this little-known procedure that was (at the time, so hard to believe, too good to be true) actually fast, easy, safe, and simple.

   Prior to the specialized upper cervical procedure (upper neck treatment), Louella had been prescribed pain medications, endured many painful therapies, tried traditional chiropractic, and was told by many to basically accept her situation (sound familiar?).  Despite this, with her simple secret—Upper Cervical Correction… Louella was out of pain and back to work in a few short months. 

  Fibromyalgia, she discovered, really is a condition that can be treated… once you know the REAL secrets.  She immediately knew her discovery was bigger than herself.  Not a doctor… she didn’t have the professional academic qualifications.  Instead Louella and her husband, Richard put their careers on hold, and dedicated themselves to educating the public about this largely untapped health science.  

   You want to take a “leap of faith?”  

   Try dropping both your spouse’s and your careers to form a non-profit consumer health awareness organization?  Well that’s exactly what Louella and Richard Harris did… attempting to lock horns with the ultimate “good ol’ boys club,” the big pharmaceutical companies—promoting a treatment… that could obliterate chronic pain… Without Drugs or Surgery

   That’s no small task.  Yet Louella was not discouraged… because she had tapped into a simple secret to pain relief for millions of people.  She knew how to win the battle against chronic pain.

   So Could YOU!

   Up to recent years, the mainstream media and American medical establishment had jealously guarded this awesome health care secret… finally sharing it with the public (2 new studies were recently published in prominent medical journals—as seen on Good Morning America).  Popular talk show host, Montel Williams became a patient and an advocate, showcasing the procedure on his talk show.  The highly rated health information television show, “The Doctors” telecasted an outstanding segment on it too.  There’s even a full-length documentary film recently released called The Power of the Upper Cervical.  

   The puzzling thing is that this Upper Cervical Procedure has been available for decades. It has been held hostage by the mainstream American medical establishment… and you have suffered as a result.

   Thankfully, dedicated former fibromyalgia sufferers like Louella Harris have helped thousands of Americans by informing them of this unbelievably effective treatment.  Since Louella began her health care crusade, thousands of supposedly incurable chronic pain sufferers have gotten their lives back through Upper Cervical care.

   It seems like the doctors of this specialty had been doing everything they could forever—to try to explain their treatment approach to the public.  Frankly, the biggest challenge for these doctors has been the simple fact that everything about their drug-free and non-surgical procedure… seems too good to be true

   That’s no exaggeration.

   In a nation medically dominated by the latest “wonder drug”… a health care system obsessed with pills like (Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Savella) for “quick fixes” for complex problems… it’s no surprise that a procedure that is fundamentally so simple (and rather obvious and logical once you’ve checked it out, or even better—experienced it) would be overlooked.

   And that’s why the doctors themselves have struggled to get their magnificently effective treatment to the forefront of health care in the U.S.  But thank goodness for patient advocates like Louella Harris.  She got the ball rolling for other patients of Upper Cervical care to get the message to the public in similar fashion.  I'm proud to have served as consultant and writer for her organization.

   Louella called me back in 1998. 
She grilled me about my doctoring methods, trying to find out if I did the same treatment that she had from a specialist in Florida.  Louella conquered Fibromyalgia.  She discovered the treatment so many Fibromyalgia sufferers really need.  It was the defining moment of Louella’s life!  And she realized it was her mission in life to help others with the same affliction.  So she started a “grass-roots” campaign to spread the word across America.  Once she spoke to me and found that I was “up to snuff” with the same treatment as her doctor, she asked me to help.  

   Doctors said her case was hopeless.  She lived the nightmare.  Fibromyalgia haunted her… like ghosts in the night. She went to all the doctors, had all the tests... they revealed NOTHING!  She listened to them, horrified, as they told Louella “it was all in her head... nothing could be done!”  Take drugs?  See a Psychiatrist?  Learn to live with it?  Did everyone think Louella was crazy?  Were they kidding?  Well, it was no joke for her. 

   It was terrifying. 

 But... Louella DEFEATED Fibromyalgia, WITHOUT any help from conventional medical doctors, drugs, exercises or surgery.

    Hard to believe… I know.  Sounds like a story right out of Hollywood.  You know, the tragedy stricken, near death victim who finds a miracle cure close to her final hour.  But it’s a true story. Louella Harris was just like you!  If you take Louella’s story to heart, you could possibly be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams:

   Today there are several non-profit consumer health awareness organizations, which were formed strictly for the purpose of alerting the public to one of health care’s best-kept secrets—Upper Cervical Care which includes the Atlas Orthogonal procedure).  These groups have been formed by patients, who had such overwhelming success with this treatment (after all else had previously failed) that they felt obligated to share their secret with others.  After all, they knew that doctors weren’t telling people about it… they had “heard it through the grapevine” from other patients. 

   One superstar patient advocate is Greg Buchanan.  His website, www.UpcSpine.comserves as an amazing source of information from a patient’s perspective.  He maintains an international directory of qualified upper neck specialists too.  I favor his website because it is not a paid directory (as some resources are).  Like Louella, Greg had an incredible personal odyssey to recover from chronic pain, which led him to create this resource.  If you do not live in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area, and are unable to seek my care, Mr. Buchanan's website has an international doctor directory: http://upcspine.com/prac1.asp (Make sure to email me to share your success with me, thanks!).

   There are fibromyalgia success stories similar to Louella Harris' going on all the time, at facilities of doctors around the world, who specialize in upper cervical corrective treatment.   Of course it's not a "cure-all" for fibromyalgia, however my patients can attest that it has changed their lives for the better. 

                                                                               Dr. Donald Liebell