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​ Frequently Asked



Auricular Therapy

   "What Does Auricular Therapy Feel Like?" 

    You don’t feel much at all. Needles may have little sensation to a small, quick pinch.  If pellets or seeds are use, you’ll feel some pressure and that’s it.  The NET2000 point finder instrument is used to scan the necessary regions of your ear to locate the area for placement.  Once I find each point, it is treated electrically prior to the application of a seed, metal pellet or acupuncture needle. 

"How many treatment sessions are necessary?"

    Frequency is extremely case dependent.  There is no set number of treatments for any health condition treated through auricular therapy.  In some cases only one treatment is necessary. Others require many more.  It depends on what is being treated.  If one is careful to not wash or rub off the seeds, pellets, or needles, treatment is continual for several weeks. Some conditions require multiple treatments spread over time.  Electrical treatments may be done more frequently. 

"How long is a typical treatment session?" 

    A typical treatment, which includes electrical stimulation and needles, seed, or pellet placement requires only a few minutes, depending on your needs.  Electrical stimulation.  Specialty treatments such as Battlefield acupuncture, Allergy desensitization acupuncture, or treatment for dry eyes and ears can take up to one hour. A comprehensive workup using Auricular Bio-energetic Testing methods takes approximately 60 minutes. 

"How fast are results?" 

    The range of responses is of course, varied. It is common that a patient suffering from severe pain will notice mild to marked reduction of pain after or even during the first session. This reduction in their pain experience can actually improve for the next several hours to weeks after treatment.  Like any treatment, its effectiveness depends on the severity and/or duration of the condition treated, extent of damage, etc.   It’s important to understand that the goal of auricular therapy is to detect energy imbalances in your body… and “jumpstart” normal function. 

    One does NOT need to keep ear seeds, pellets or needles in permanently.  Some patients can have one application to eliminate a problem. Others may require several different patterns of points to treat different areas of the body over time. 

"Are there any reasons NOT to have Auricular Therapy?" 

    As with other forms of traditional acupuncture, there are few reasons to avoid auricular therapy.  Also, pain is an important indicator of deeper problems in some cases.  It is important not to treat any pain needed to diagnose an underlying problem. We shouldn’t treat any pain needed to limit range of movement of an injured area of the body.  Nor should we treat women who are pregnant, and not to electrically stimulate the ear points of patients with a cardiac pace maker.  Needles should may not be used if a person has a bleeding disorder.  I do NOT use Auricular Therapy as a replacement for necessary traditional medical care.  It is a form of complementary medicine only.   

    "Are there any potential side effects from Auricular Therapy?"

    Because tenderness of ear points is one of the primary diagnostic features of this method, soreness on the ear points can sometimes continue for a while after the treatment.  Also, in the case of a chronic condition, one may experience a “retracing” of symptoms.  In other words, in some cases a patient may feel their body going through symptoms that took place during a condition’s development—a reversal of symptoms, rather than an immediate pain relief.  Remember that "Eastern" medicine seeks to trigger natural healing responses, rather than mask symptoms. 

"Can I Get Addicted to Auricular Therapy?" 

    No.  Auricular Therapy is a non-addictive healing tool that you can use in your healing, revitalization, recovery, and in your life. You may become ACCUSTOMED to the benefits that ear acupuncture offers and look forward to treatments much in the same way that people look forward to chiropractic adjustments, exercise, good nutrition, etc.  Sure, you may seek Auricular therapy as an ongoing means of naturally treating problems or injuries should they come up.  My entire family seeks this phenomenal health approach as part of our preventative and naturally curative lifestyle.  I am eternally grateful that I found out about Auricular Therapy, because my wife and daughter would still have Lyme disease, and my son would still suffer asthma, caused by fungal allergy and damage.

"What happens if my seeds, pellets or needles fall off?" 

    The goal is for the treatment to last long without need for reapplication.  Acupressure pellets typically stay on for a few days.  If one is careful not to scrub them off in the shower or toweling dry, semi-permanent ear acupuncture needles can stay on for up to four weeks. If they do fall off too soon, new ones might need to be applied. This should not require more than a brief session, since a full evaluation and exam is not necessary. 

    "Can I receive Auricular treatment at the Liebell Clinic if I live out of the Virginia Beach Area?" 

    Yes.  I treat patients from coast-to-coast.  Since we can apply semi-permanent needles, seeds, or pellets, it is the perfect treatment for such circumstances.  Most of my patients who seek my care for the devastating chronic effects of Lyme disease (and other tick-triggered illness) receive auricular therapy in the form of electrical stimulation and semi-permanent ear needles.   

    Auricular therapy is a phenomenal pain-relieving, natural health approach.  It’s promising to discover that more Americans are embracing energy medicine with open arms.  My patients no longer view these treatment techniques and practices as “alternative” at all.  One might wonder, “alternative” to what?  Drugs and surgery?  It seems that the term “alternative” might suggest such practices are inferior, weird, unproven or unscientific. If one has such treatments only once traditional American medicine has failed, then perhaps they are appropriately named. 
    Practices such as acupuncture, including Auricular therapy are standard practices in many nations worldwide—nations healthier and longer lived than the United States.  I'm proud to be helping people with supposedly "hopeless" conditions with the aid of auricular therapy, in combination with my other drug-free procedures.  

If you're tired of the "drugs & surgery" approach to health, Auricular therapy may be the right approach for you.  Why wait for the mainstream American health care system to catch up... help is available right NOW!

Dr. Donald Liebell