Auricular Bio-Energetic Testing (ABT):

Specialized Evaluation, Diagnostic, and Imaging Methods

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The NET3000 (Neuro-Electric Therapy) is a sophisticated device used to detect subtle changes in electrical conductivity on the skin of the outer ear.  These changes directly correlate with problems in the body.  The instrument is for both diagnostic and treatment usage.

Dr. Charles Hecht-Leavitt, Neuroradiologist, is the medical director Hampton Roads' premier medical imaging facility.  Dr. Hecht-Leavitt has some of the finest diagnostic technology available.  I have trained his superb x-ray chief technician to take the specialized neck images required for my Atlas Orthogonal analysis.  Your x-rays are analyzed by the medical radiologists and me!

Non-Invasive Cold Laser Nerve Screening:

​​​​Dr. Donald Liebell
D.C., B.C.A.O.
Licensed by 
the Virginia Board 
of Medicine Since 1993

My patients have had great success with me using the Erchonia Cold Laser as a neuro-diagnostic tool.  Correlating its usage with findings from MRI and x-ray can be highly effective in getting to the cause of symptoms of peripheral nerve entrapment (compression of nerves that exit the spine, branching off the spinal cord: down the arms or legs). 

Atlas Orthogonal Computerized Mathematical X-ray Analysis:

Neuro-Electric Auricular Scanning:

You've had every medical test, but everything comes up negative.  Yet you still have serious problems.  Imagine detecting hidden health problems that conventional medical diagnostic tests fail to notice... using our bodies' subtle electromagnetic signals... and most importantly, predicting successful treatments!

Pinpoint measurements (to a fraction of a degree) are required to determine the correct spinal treatment for each patient.  Thanks to the innovative research and development of many scientists, doctors, programmers and engineers, this sophisticated analysis can be performed.  This is critical because everybody's treatment is different.     

MRI-CT Diagnostics Digital X-ray: