"It has been my privilege to acquaint other physicians with this intervention and show them the clinical outcomes brought about by structural correction"

“As I reflect over these nearly ten years of referring patients to Atlas Orthogonists…   I have seen cases that would have been classified by my colleagues as “nothing else we can do, learn to live with it, you need surgical intervention or long-term pharmaceutical therapy” when a few visits (to an A.O. doctor) sees complete relief of their problem… It is not uncommon to have a patient return expressing their appreciation that I was able to refer them to someone that got to the basis of their problem and gave relief when they have suffered for so many years…

 I still feel the need to communicate to larger groups of physicians the importance of what you do to both reduce costs of medical interventions, testing and therapies.  In addition, you provide more complete relief to the patient’s symptomatology and prevent future arthritic and degenerative disc problems.” 

- Dr. Jack H. Carleton, M.D.,

Wallkill, New York

​​"We believe that substantial savings in medical health care can be made through the adjuvant use of [auricular] electroacupuncture...  significant improvement in pain intensity, mobility, psychological wellbeing, and sleep..."

“ In this [back] study we demonstrated significant additional and long-lasting pain relief through adjunctive ear acupuncture in patients suffering from chronic low back pain…”

Sabine M. Sator-Katzenschlager, MD, etal., "Electrical Stimulation of Auricular Acupuncture Points Is More Effective Than Conventional

Manual Auricular Acupuncture in Chronic

Cervical Pain: A Pilot Study"

- Department of Anesthesiology

and Intensive Care B, Outpatient Pain Center,

University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

​​"When a disease occurs in an organ or certain kind of tissue, positive reactions will appear on the corresponding auricular point(s). Stimulation of positively reacting point(s) by applying the proper method can eliminate the

pathological effect reversing the pathological course.” 

- Li-Chun Huang, O.M.D., M.D. (China), Internationally known authority on auricular therapy, World Health Organization instructor  

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"Unbelievable physiological improvement with Atlas Orthogonal"

This is the type of work that is going on out there that the medical profession doesnot know is going on, and they have to be made aware of it." 

 - Dr. Coulter Rule, MD,

Internal Medicine, Psychiatrist

& Retired New York State

Medical Board Examiner

​​""I am astonished with the help I have gotten with Atlas Orthogonal."

 --Dr. Betty Gessel, MD, Internist, Vice President New York Academy of Medicine


“I whole-heartedly endorse

this diagnostic and treatment method… As a medical doctor with thirty-five years of clinical experience, I feel that most patients with acute and chronic neck pain or headaches should be considered for

Atlas Othogonal Treatment.”                 

- Dr. Stanley H. Block, M.D.,

University Place, Washington

Doctors' Endorsements

NOTE: I do not know all of the doctors on this page personally.  These are published comments regarding the methods I use at the Liebell Clinic.  They do not serve as published medical evidence.  They serve only as public sharing of these doctors'  experience with  my natural, holistic, and wellness-based health care services. Testimonials do not constitute a claim, inference, promise, or guarantee of results associated with any and all treatment methods described on this website, or any other source, nor do I claim, promise, or guarantee results. Results from treatment vary, of course, from person to person.  

"These methods can often help the patient who has not found relief from more orthodox approaches... Many therapists who work daily and successfully with human energy systme have felt alienated from the sciences that provide the logical and rational foundation for conventional medicine.  Some of their most remarkable and important experiences, and those of their clients, seem to defy analysis from current scientific perspectives.  A close look at energy medicine resolves this unnecessary confusion and controversy."

- James Oschman, PhD, Biophysicist & Cell Biologist, "Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis," World Authority on Energy & Complementary Medicine 

"“Auricular medicine is invaluable in providing a wealth of energetic information that is crucial in formulating a credible diagnosis of any pathological condition… Pain management through three-phase auricular therapy is commonly very effective and occasionally is miraculous."

Dr. Nader Soliman, M.D.,


President of the American Academy of Medical Acupunture (2003-2005)

"Fifty years later [from the discovery of auricular medicine], many exciting and fascinating developments in understanding this medicine and how to use it for quite complex assessment and treatments are being tested and offered by trained practitioners around the world. This field continues to expand, with thousands of practitioners and exciting developments, particularly in Europe.”

- Dr. Beate Strittmatter, M.D.,

Academy for Acupuncture and Auriculomedicine - Munich, Germany, 

"Auricolotherapy is a treatment diffusing in all over the World... In the last years modern clinical and basic research is confirming the efficacy of ear acupuncture mostly in the treatment of pain both acute and chronic, and of anxiety related disorders…

- Dr. Luigi Gori, M.D., Dr. Fabio Firenzuoli, M.D., “Ear Acupuncture in European Traditional Medicine,"  Center of Natural Medicine, S. Giuseppe Hospital, Empoli, Italy

“"I am saddened by the thousands, and probably millions, of patients that have problems that could be helped by Atlas Orthogonal, but don’t know that it exists. " 

We want every single patient we have under care to have their spine examined by an Atlas Orthogonist. If the alignment is wrong, the nerve system is not going to work well no matter how good their nutrition is, they are not going to be able to assimilate that nutrition sufficiently. The majority of cancer cases we see have overt cervical spinal problems, even the ones who don’t have a history of spinal trauma." 

-- Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, MD,

Immunologist, Cancer Specialist

​​"Auriculotherapy is a sophisticated discipline of acu- puncture that can be studied to a refined level of precision... Used in an integrated medical model, acupuncture is well suited to deal with many of the functional problems that allopathic medicine is not equipped to address. The result is patient and physician satisfaction."

- Dr. Farshad Ahadian, M.D. - Medical Director, the Center for Pain Medicine at University of California, San Diego

“As a dentist specializing in TMJ, head, neck and facial pain, I have come to realize the importance of integrating the Atlas Orthogonal Technique in the treatment of patients with structural distortions… I believe this integrated system will take its place among the greatest medical breakthroughs of our time.” 

- Dr. Gerald H. Smith, D.D.S. 

Luxembourg Medical Center

TMJ, Head & Neck Specialist

 "Auricular therapy can reduce the tension, stress, and pain not fully relieved by other medical procedures” 

- Dr. Terry Oleson, PhD.,


Pioneer on auricular diagnosis

at the UCLA Pain Management Center, Research Director at the American University of Complementary Medicine

​Donald K. Liebell, DC, BCAO

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“At the Center [for Improvement for Human Functioning, Wichita, Kansas], auricular therapy is used as a diagnostic and therapeutic option.  It is relatively painless, inexpensive, easy to use in experienced hands and may give immediate results.  We recommend its use.

- Dr. James Jackson, PhD, MT, Professor and Assistant Dean, Wichita State University Graduate School, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (Vol. 9, No. 3, 1994) 

  “The potential of auricular medicine seems infinite.  It is an approach for many types of dysfunction that is non-invasive, holistic, inexpensive, deeply respectful of the individual, and able to reveal a unique and beneficial pathway that the patient can follow to assist in regaining health.” 

- Dr. Muriel Agnes, PhD,