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Who Else Wants To Stop Chronic Pain

From Destroying Their Life?

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

                                                                    Everybody says it, but few really understand that life really is short. If you are suffering from                                                                 chronic pain you are missing out on precious, irreplaceable moments of your life. Years of pain,                                                                   fatigue and depression can eventually strip you of your will to fight it.  It can break your spirit. 

                                                                    Just getting through the day can be a monumental chore. It takes its toll on family members                                                                 too, as they reach their breaking point. Some pain victims are further devastated when their                                                                     family and friends abandon them, believing their pain is “all in their head.”  Many chronic pain                                                                   sufferers are sent to pain management clinics.

                                                                    Nationwide, doctors struggle for answers, as medical tests come up  negative—yet the pain is                                                                 quite real. Millions of people struggle with pain so  debilitating, they can’t perform basic                                                                           activities of daily living. Many believe  they’re suffering from “mysterious and untreatable”                                                                         conditions like Fibromyalgia Syndrome.  Other’s are plagued by back, neck or shoulder pain,                                                                     headaches or the various effects of Whiplash Injuries.  They accept their tragic fate—a life of                                                                     misery, as popular medications fail to make a dent in the actual cause of  their pain. 

    Yet doctors keep the drug prescriptions flowing to mask and manage the pain. The pharmaceutical companies are light years ahead of the doctors, with deep pockets, pouring tens of millions of dollars into studies they hope will justify the use of their miracle drugs.  Meanwhile, the real underlying causes of chronic pain appear to be ignored.

     Have you ever thought about the meaning of the term, pain management? 
Does getting sent to pain management mean the end of the line?  If you're sent to pain management, does it mean that doctors have actually given up on trying to find what is actually causing your chronic pain?  Or is the pain management center your last resort because all treatments have failed?

    How often are doctors offering effective drug-free treatments?  
Given Western medicine’s apparent bias against non-drug treatments, few doctors probably are even aware of the breakthrough, safe, drug-free, non-surgical treatments that have been getting patients their lives back.  It can take decades for vital health information to reach the masses—even sophisticated scientific technological breakthroughs. Fortunately you don’t have to wait. There is realistic hope.

    Choices however, can be difficult. If you frequently read articles, books and websites about natural health care, it’s rather confusing. There’s so much information and so many manufacturers of products—each claiming theirs is beneficial or even absolutely essential to your health.  Every self-appointed authority on health gives a different answer.  Each source is contradictory to the next one. They each point to a different path to glorious relief.

     One could easily choose to ignore it all and stick with conventional wisdom in American medicine. That approach however, goes against logical thinking, Since you are visiting this website, you’ve probably learned at the school of harsh reality that to solve your health problems, it’s become necessary to step outside of what American society considers normal treatment. 

    Why? Simple.  Because a simple look at the facts reveals, sadly that it is normal to be sick. Your painful health problem has not been solved.  Consider that 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches. Take note of the fact that heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, asthma, cancer and many other diseases are NOT sharply declining, despite so-called advances in medicine. Consider that more than sixty percent of the U.S. population is overweight.  An age and youth obsessed population is accepting that it’s “normal” to be decrepit and riddled with pain with age. And we’re accepting absurd notions that age 40 is old!

   I’d like to assume that if you’re reading this that you’ve perhaps reconsidered this accepted definition of normal.  And you are looking outside conventional medical care, based upon what normal has done for you.  You have come to a very rational conclusion that normal isn’t doing the job for you.—you deserve to be pain-free and healthy. You have decided that your health condition is not incurable.  You don’t have to learn to live with the pain because somebody…some thing must be able to help you.

​   If you examine all the available literature, for example on conditions related to the upper neck (cervical spine), you’ll discover that no specific, conventional medical procedure even exists to treat this all-important area of the body.  The Atlas Orthogonal Procedure, which is has been one of the cornerstone of my practice, is the exact proven science of diagnosing and treating the upper cervical spine.   Studies of its effectiveness have been published recently in MEDICAL journals (in addition to chiropractic journals).  It was even featured on the hit TV show, "The Doctors."

   Keep in mind that numerous treatments methods used successfully around the world are NOT part of American mainstream health care.  I announce with great pride and confidence that I do NOT utilize conventional medical approaches. I certainly don’t prescribe drugs or do surgery.  There is of course, a proper time and place for those conventional methods.  America has some of the best life-saving technologies and medical professionals in the world. I greatly respect those individuals and their phenomenal skills.  

    However, when it comes to chronic pain, all bets are off!
 if you are looking for the latest instant cure through some wonder drug or quick-fix surgical technique, you’ve definitely come to the wrong place.  I view pain management in its literal form as being radically different from pursuing and providing chronic pain solutions.  
I am willing to take on the label of pain management doctor if it means getting the opportunity to improve quality of life by correcting and rehabilitating causes of chronic pain.  

   Why do things differently? 

  Chronic Pain Statistics: As much as $100 billion is spent on medical care for chronic pain management in the U.S.  It is estimated that as much as one third of our population suffers from chronic pain.  The current system is NOT working very well.  

   Countless pain victims suffer needlessly because they are afraid to step out of their comfort zones and seek treatment methods that are out of the mainstream American medicine. They ignore the fact that the United States has been ranked by the World Health Organization as having the 37th best health care system. 

    Yet they are still convinced that conventional American medical doctors are the all-knowing authorities.  If they have not suggested a method... it must not be valid.  
How sad.

A Radical Change In Thinking

     When something radically different or new to you is offered as a possible solution, it’s often necessary to make a radical shift in how you think. Considering a natural treatment approach, for some people is a major step.  It requires adapting a different viewpoint on health.  Western or allopathic medical methods generally do not include structure-based and energy-based concepts.  The focus is on the pain or the sick area of the body, rather than the body’s energy communication and the whole person—the holistic approach. Doctors are largely NOT treating the CAUSES of chronic pain.

All pain has a cause, and is typically the end result of a process.  Western medicine has scarcely even addressed what pain actually IS.  

Treating Just the Pain (the SYMPTOM)... is like turning off


    Nerve receptors in your tissues transmit energy impulses to the spinal cord and up to your brain. It is your BRAIN that registers the sensation of pain. The standard medical approach to pain is to control it by blocking the pain impulses from getting to the brain.   If the pain signals don’t ever reach the brain, no pain is felt.

    The problem is, the block-the-pain signal approach of pain management has major flaws.
 Yes, drugs do indeed relieve or manage pain. But they do not improve body function (physiology).  Drugs do not repair the broken impulses and energy transmission problems of the body.  These are indeed treatable things!  Too many people suffer from chronic pain, simply because they are unaware of the remarkably effective treatment options available. Their doctors do not likely know about them either because they are trained that healthcare consists of drugs, surgery, and physical therapy... and little, if anything else.   

    What I offer you are unique blend of internationally-accepted treatment methods.  
These methods are NOT confusing or contradictory to anything. In fact, I’m often at odds with anyone who classifies any of them as alternative.  Acupuncture has been proven effective for thousands of years... long before scientists could approve of it.  Chiropractic has been helping people since 1895.  Homeopathic medicine was introduced to America in 1824.  The American Institute of Homeopathy was founded in 1844, prior to the formation of the American Medical Association (AMA) in 1847.  
It seems undeniable that taking a whole-body or panoramic view of illness, with a wellness-based approach to treatment lead to outstanding results.  

     I try not to focus too much on the dark side and the dangers of pharmaceutical-based health care on this site. You can Google on your own for statistics on risks and side effects of drugs and surgery. There’s a lifetime worth of reading on that subject.  I don’t need to go into that here.  I want my website to focus on the chronic pain SOLUTIONS I offer, rather than ranting on about the problems of our health care system.  There are dozens of outstanding books and countless websites dedicated to this subject. I encourage you to research the topic of health care thoroughly, so you can make educated decisions.  Don't take my word for it.  I recommend that you take some time to explore my website.  Learn about various painful conditions and the treatment methods I use to help people who suffer from them.  

                                                                               Dr. Donald Liebell 

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