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The ability of blockages to
interfere with the normal functional
capacities of the energetic circuits may lead to drastic hindrance of the process of energetic diagnosis, rendering the process fundamentally flawed.  If untreated, energetic 
blockages could also thwart various attempts to correct the energetic disturbances"

Nader Soliman, M.D.
Anesthesiologist, Medical Acupuncturist, 
  President, American Academy of 
Medical Acupunture (2003-2005)
President, Alternative Medicine Seminars 

"[These] blockages are presented as foci of irritation, often silent and painless, which may interfere with energy, healing, and treatment response. They may result from gross trauma, psycho-emotional trauma, toxicity by environmental or iatrogenic sources, or by colonization

(often "sub-clinical" in conventional medicine) of bacteria, viruses, or parasites. 

Lighting The Fire Through Acupuncture
Energetics: Jing Luo And Beyond
Medical Acupuncture, Vol. 17, #1

Bryan Frank, M.D.
Anesthesiologist, Medical Acupuncturist, 
  President, American Academy of 
Medical Acupunture (1999-2001)

The aim of treatment in traditional Chinese acupuncture is to harmonize the flow of Qi by dissolving the blockages and stagnations in the channels and organs. Excess or deficiency conditions are balanced and thus an undisturbed function of the organs is achieved by harmonizing Yin and Yang. These concepts are the basis of traditional Chinese acupuncture."


Gabriel Stux, M.D.
Medical Acupuncture
A Journal For Physicians By Physicians
Spring / Summer1994 - Volume 6 / Number 1

Energetic  Blockages to Healing:
Why They MUST be Detected and Treated...

to Ensure Successful Treatment

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

   Detecting and eliminating energetic blockages is one of the cornerstones of acupuncture, regardless of discipline or technique.  Unfortunately Western medicine rejects the concept.  This is fortunately, of no consequence, since acupuncture patients have thrived for thousands of years.

   But what are energetic blockages?

   An energetic blockage is any interference to healthy and normal energy flow throughout the body, as well as well-established acupuncture meridians.  They can occur anywhere in your body.  In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), symptoms of blockages are described as disruptions to the flow of Qi (living energy of the body).  They are detected and treated by various means, depending on the techniques and approach of the practitioner.  Scars are a large focus for blockages in TCM.

Energetic blockages can stall or prevent your body from doing the job that it would otherwise be capable of… resulting in chronic pain and illness.

  The beauty of clearing energetic blockages with acupuncture and homeopathic techniques is that a person may start to naturally improve with little or any further medical intervention.  

   Sometimes in my practice, I do a procedure that seems so easy, quick, painless, and simple… that it seems like it would be unlikely to have any effect. 

   Yet, one needle treatment to the right area will often trigger a healing response that can be explained by nothing else, since nothing ever worked before.  It's like knowing where a light switch is to illuminate a dark room, and simply turning it on.  They key is knowing what those "switches" are, and of course, how to "turn them on."

   The challenge is the conventional Western medical belief is that one must be able to SEE measurable evidence of a problem.  It must show up as a positive in a laboratory test, or present itself through whatever the diagnostic imaging of the day is, to be considered a legitimate medical finding.  Eastern medicine has never agreed with this... and it's a good thing.  Otherwise, acupuncture wouldn't likely exist.  Nevertheless, practices like mine are overloaded with patients who have many chronic symptoms for which tests come up empty.  They’re told “nothing is wrong.”

   How sad.

   It is not difficult to understand the  concept of a MECHANICAL or structural blockage, a dam blocking the flow of water in a river, the perfect example... or the clogging (blockage) of an artery—causing deadly illness. 

   Mechanically, abnormally functioning joints can result in inflammation that in turn, blocks normal nerve function.  This is an energetic blockage caused by structural abnormality.  It is not a coincidence that so many traditional Chinese acupuncture points exist near joints.  

   Chiropractic techniques eliminate a blockage to healing by restoring joint function—thus removing an impediment to energetic (nerve) function.  However, our initial concern with most patients comes in the form of detecting and clearing energetic blockages that correlate to brain structures.  Remember that we are not talking about a physical or structural problem that can be seen on an x-ray, MRI, or CT-scan.  The field of energy medicine concerns itself with electromagnetic changes in the body—changes not typically considered by conventional Western medical doctors. 

   The good news is that more open-minded and progressive physicians are coming around, because they cannot deny the results achieved, often after all standard medical testing and treatment has failed to solve patients’ problems.  Plus, the research of energy medicine is becoming “mainstream.”  According to the top researcher in the field of energy medicine, James Oschman, PhD., “it is pure myth that there is no scientific basis for energy medicine.”

   One of the concepts that conventional medicine has trouble getting a mental grip on is the fact that holistic energy medicine does NOT diagnose or treat illness or disease.  We are seeking to restore imbalances to the subtle-but-critically important energy fields of the body. 

   The detecting and clearing of energetic blockages is integral to the specialty of Auricular Medicine—the ear acupuncture-based system that is the core of my practice.  Patients travel to me for me to unlock the mysteries of their suffering—NOT to give them a NAME for their condition (diagnosis), but rather the means to naturally recover. 

   The first step MUST be to clear any blockages.

   Common energetic blockages detected by means of auricular medicine bio-energetic testing, are found in the brain, as well as various other structures, including certain joints and nerves.  These are blockages discovered by Dr. Paul Nogier of France, which were not known to traditional Chinese medicine.  Additional blockages have been discovered by Dr. Nader Soliman, who has modernized much of Nogier's work.  

   Remember that we are not talking about a brain tumor or growth, or a structural defect.  These are the additional blockages that Dr. Paul Nogier’s research revealed during the 1960s in France.  They are found in numerous locations on either the ear or hand.

   In summary, energetic blockages will stop one’s body from functioning optimally.  Think of it like electric circuitry that is flawed.  Before any treatment is rendered, energetic blockages must be cleared… or the treatment may be doomed to failure.  This goes for conventional medical treatment too!  Is this something we could prove, or document?  Unfortunately at this time, no; there is no technology yet that can measure blockages.  Of course this has never stopped acupuncture from being effective. 

   When one undergoes an Auricular Bio-energetic Testing, the first step for all patients is to check for energetic blockages, and treat them accordingly using Neuro-electric Therapy (an electrical frequency acupuncture treatment) and specialized ear acupuncture needles.

    Click on these links to learn more about blockages: the Corpus Callosum and the Pineal Gland  



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