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New Book... Released September 2015!

Are YOU Ready to Become the 
Next Lyme Disease Recovery 
Success Story? 

Find Out How by Reading BITING BACK


   Dear Lyme disease Sufferer,

    My name is Dr. Donald Liebell, and I help people who have suffered the effects of illness triggered by apparent tick-borne infection, to naturally get better.  Since 1993, at my Chronic Pain & Wellness Center in Virginia Beach, I have had the privilege of seeing people overcome chronic pain and illness without drugs!  

    If you are tired of doctoring yourself with complicated herb and diet protocols… or risky and obscenely expensive long-term antibiotic therapy… you have come to the right place.
  If you have had enough of the controversy, politics, and conspiracy theory hype of “Lyme wars?”  Look no further... 

  Help is on the way!
    No matter how bleak your situation is… no matter how many different treatments have been tried… in just a matter of months, you could be riding the road to recovery, after reading my new book, Biting Back: How to Naturally Overcome the Effects of Lyme Disease and Other Chronic Tick-Triggered Illness...After All Else Has Failed.  

   I am certain you will agree that Biting Back is the boldest, most comprehensive, and no-holds-barred book ever written about solutions for the most misunderstood, and medically mismanaged epidemics of our time: Lyme disease.    
    Biting Back debunks the many myths about Lyme disease, its diagnosis, and its treatment, and finally puts a stop to the madness.  It unleashes the strategies used to liberate victims of tick-triggered illness from a world of pain, fatigue, and misery.  you have read it, you will discover why and how YOU can become the next success story, and join the elite group of people from around North America, who have finally gotten well, by seeking out, and applying the Bio-energetic Individual Therapy Equation©.

   In Biting Back, you will find answers to your most burning questions about Lyme disease I guarantee nobody is going to divulge to you… and most importantly, you will possess the knowledge of realistic hope for you to get better.  It includes inspiring facts so powerful… they astonished the doctors who discovered them!

Here’s what it’s all about:

   Our health care system is broken.  Lyme disease is a prime example.  
Our medical establishment not only doesn’t seem to care about 
Lyme disease…they’re in denial… and they don’t seem to have a clue 
what to do for you.  Diagnostic tests are seriously defective, and if 
you’re like most people stricken with Lyme disease, you’ve been 
subjected to equally pitiful treatment.   

   That’s why when I say our  health care system is broken, I’m not talking 
about insurance, costs, or politics.  I’m talking about the actual care 
itself—the methods of treatment.     

   But, if we dig deep enough, and gaze far beyond what is 
conventional,there is a massive amount of overlooked, 
underused, and forgotten health wisdom to be found.  

There have been numerous legitimate and progressive health 
breakthroughs that have been ignored by the gatekeepers of 
mainstream medicine (and it’s usually because there’s no money in it!). 
I’ve been licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine since 1993, and I 
have pursued such wisdom throughout my career.   Finally, after years of 
frustration, desperately seeking solutions for chronic Lyme disease, 
I stumbled upon the very breakthrough that those afflicted with 
it had desperately needed.   

 And I too, at first thought it was too good to be true. 

   It seemed too easy… too simple… and too inexpensive. 

   I’m talking about safe, easy, and highly-effective help for people who were still sick and suffering, who:

  •       Were told by doctors that they were already cured from Lyme disease…
  •    Had supposed experts tell them their problems were “all in their head”…
  •    Received every other diagnosis because doctors told them, “There’s no such thing as chronic  Lyme    disease”…   
  •    Went to “Lyme literate” doctors, who told them long-term antibiotics were their only option.  

How can this be true?

   Since 2009, victims of chronic Lyme disease have been seeking my care, and recovering as the result of very rare, natural methods introduced decades ago in Europe…“resurrected” only recently in America, and further developed.  It’s extremely safe, drug-free, easy, and affordable.  The best part is that there are absolutely NO antibiotics involved… which means NO side effects (The fascinating details are revealed in the book).

   Serving those who have been ravaged by the devastating effects of Lyme disease and other tick-triggered illness has become my passion and my life’s work, for very personal reasons.  I’m not exaggerating, or being overly dramatic, or cliché, when I say you’re going to learn about a life-changing health secret that will blow your mind.  

   What’s even more exciting is that because it is a natural and holistic, wellness-based system, there isn’t a shred of Lyme disease controversy (as is the case with conventional medicine and Lyme disease), nor is there a political or financial agenda to lose sleep over.

   This is a huge development! 

   You’ll have the details delivered to you in explicit detail in Biting Back.
  I have written this book because the general attitude of our health care system towards chronic Lyme disease is principally one of denial.  There is even a malicious attitude towards doctors who take strides to unravel its mysteries, and actually help sick people. 

   That’s okay. 

   My patients have been thrilled that I’ve been their renegade doctor.  I started to write the book with the intentions of  creating a comprehensive new patient (and prospective patient) guide, as a compliment to my website.  When I realized it was over 150 pages long, I was encouraged by many to go ahead and write a whole book, and get it published.           

   I am certain that when you read Biting Back, you will be reading the most truthful, straightforward, no-nonsense look at the subject of Lyme disease that has ever been written. 
When you’re done reading it, you won’t be in the dark anymore (and you could be just days away from getting on the road to recovery... ending your nightmare!)  I guarantee that you will NOT be reading another other boring book on “coping” with Lyme disease (I wouldn’t dare do that to you). 

   This information would surely ruffle a few feathers within mainstream medicine—if they dare to read it.  But I don’t care… it isn’t for them… it’s for YOU (they’ve had more than a fair chance to disclose the truth about Lyme disease!).   It is the information you have been hungering for.  This is information that everyone who has fallen prey to Lyme disease deserves to have.  Health information should be for everyone—not just doctors.   My “secrets” are not meant to remain secret… they are meant to be shared, so as many people as possible can have the same opportunity to live a normal, healthy, and happy life... and so more doctors will want to learn the methods, and help even more people to get well, once and for all.

   With results usually perceived as “too-good-to-be-true,” my practice has long-existed because I have proudly helped people for whom conventional and alternative approaches had failed.  Thinking “outside the box,” and without any apologies, taking stunningly unconventional approaches, has been the secret to my patients’ success.  

   Let me be crystal clear: Biting Back is NOT a self-help book... it is a GET help book.
 It spells out all the facts about how professionally-delivered health service works, and how one applies it.  

   Do you really think that serious and complex medical problems triggered by tick-borne infection (that have perplexed doctors of many specialties) are something that a book of herbal treatments or other home remedies could (or should) teach you to overcome?  

   There are enough books on the market claiming various diets, herbal protocols, and machines will "cure" you.  

   I make no such claim.  

   If You are Losing the Battle, Switch the Battlefield!

    This is a priceless concept that’s critical to grasp… especially when what you’ve been trying to do to restore your health is failing.  In effect, by completely changing your approach, you could give yourself a new lease on life.  That is precisely what you will have the opportunity to do.  You will get the facts I guarantee nobody in the closed-minded medical establishment has enlightened you with.  My patients from around the country, who have come to see me in Virginia Beach, Virginia, (and other select facilities) have used them to transform their lives.  And once they are disclosed to you… your life may be transformed too!  

   Here’s what is revealed in Biting Back:

*   The surprising reasons why so few doctors seem willing to diagnose Lyme disease (Hint: it’s got nothing to do with blood tests or “bull’s eye” rashes!)

*    Discover what else is making you sick (It’s not the publicized Lyme “co-infections” you might be thinking of!)…  Learn why no antibiotic treatment could ever help you defeat it.

*   A French neurologist’s strange discovery about the human ear in 1957… and how it could be part of your chronic Lyme disease solution today (It’s endorsed by the World Health Organization, and published in medical journals, but it’s rarely practiced correctly in the U.S.)
*   A pearl of wisdom from a Yale anatomy professor’s research on your body’s electricity (from decades ago) … “resurrected”… to provide health clues that blood tests miss!

*   Discover the affordable natural alternative to the treatments of “Lyme literate medical doctors”… guaranteed to be free of dangerous side effects, and controversial laboratory tests and treatments.  

*   Read real live success stories from patients—people who thought they could never get well… but did!  

*   Why it doesn’t matter how many “positive bands” show up on your Lyme Western Blot blood test (and nobody can find any other causes for your debilitating pain and other symptoms)… and how to get powerfully effective treatment… even if you never get “officially” diagnosed with Lyme disease
*   How to deal with biofilm without more drugs, or boatloads of nutritional supplements
(So simple, you’ll never have to think about biofilm again!).  Overjoyed patients understand this— it’s the reason getting well is truly natural!
*   How to deal with the problem even if it’s gotten to your brain… without worrying about the blood-brain-barrier (the blazingly obvious, once you know it, but rarely considered solution)!

*   How the research of the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who discovered the AIDS virus supports this renegade model of health care (It is so opposite of conventional medical wisdom—even his peers don’t get it!)

* The safe and effective whole-health treatment system the American Medical Association tried to annihilate…it’s been FDA-approved since 1938 (a time perhaps when government health agency approval really meant something!)…  and it is used by the best health care systems in the world.

*   Why you must not forcefully detox (most methods out there are disastrous, painful, unhealthy, and simply wrong!).  You can tap into an easy, safe, and inexpensive was to gently trigger your body to gradually  eliminate toxins itself…    without you even having to try!

*   The toxic substance your body can’t properly purge out— caused by certain Lyme disease treatment… that cangive   you the same symptoms as Lyme disease itself (Some people spend thousands of dollars trying to eliminate it—not realizing why it will keep coming back)

Are you really having repeated Herxheimer reactions from bacteria die-off toxins…or are you actually having drug side effects (You may not like the answer… but it’s for your own good!)?

*   The simple key to eliminating legitimate die-off reactions altogether (This feature alone will spare you the danger and misery of too-rapid detoxification).
*   Why psychiatrists might go crazy… if the public ever knew what has been published in mainstream medical journals about this cause of some mental illness (No… it’s not Lyme or co-infections).
*   Why Rife machines should be avoided.  Even if these frequency generators really do kill Lyme Borrelia bacteria… they are not what they’re cracked up to be!
*   Why herbal medicine is usually not the answer (hint: herbs fail for the same reason as when antibiotics fail!).

*   The surprising discovery made by a Mayo Clinic research team… that has been completely ignored  (it was published way back in 1999)… and how you can benefit from their breakthrough…even though most doctors seem to have ignored what was published in the medical journal!

*   A handful of savvy doctors are now using this amazing natural approach to help fungal overgrowth... more effectively than expensive, dangerous prescription drugs (and it’s not probiotics)!

*   Learn what commonly used substance is suppressing your immune system.  You cannot truly get well until your immune system gets strong… so beware this widely accepted practice!  Find out what every chronic Lyme disease sufferer must know about the immune system

*   Why you must beware of the popular treatment that can disturb your calcium and iron levels

*   Why you must avoid taking melatonin supplements… and yet still be able to restore your ability to sleep more deeply and productively.   

*   Why you should never put this chemical in your body… your thyroid gland will “appreciate it”... because it may be causing worsening of your Lyme-like symptoms (Hint: don’t drink the water!)

*   Have you been told the key to recovery is a truck load of vitamin supplements?  Or that you have leaky gut syndrome?  Discover why you may be flushing money down the drain… and what you can do to ensure great nutrition and nutrient absorption.

*   Why doing MORE types of treatment will generally be LESS effective.  You’ll be thrilled to not have to do all kinds of       confusing, complicated, and challenging things to get better.

   And there’s more... a lot more. 

   This is just a small sample of what you will learn.  I could go on for another 10 pages … but I suspect you'll agree that Biting Back is a must-read book.  I am confident you’ll be shocked and delighted when you grasp the reality that the burden of the effects of chronic Lyme disease (and other tick-triggered illness) can be lifted from you… how the torment and heartbreak that it has caused you, which has been the bane of your existence, can realistically come to an end.  It is information for you to devour... a shock to the status quo.

   It’s up to you now.
  Take your first step towards overcoming the ending the misery this illness has caused you, which has deprived you of the life you deserve.  

   To Your Recovery,

 Dr. Donald Liebell

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