The Subtle Signals of Bio-Energetic Fields:
The Research of Dr. Harold Burr - Yale University Medical School 

    By Dr. Donald Liebell

   The principles of Western medicine are still based upon the misguided notion that human beings are machines.  

We are not.  In the science of physics, the principles set forth by Isaac Newton have long transitioned in focus to

the physics of Albert Einstein, which acknowledges that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same thing. 

 That’s what his famous E-mc2 is all about.  The bio-energetic medicine view is based upon Einstein’s perspective

that human beings are complex networks of energy fields that coexist with the physical cellular systems.

  The integration of energy medicine with chemical and physical medicine creates a truly complete system.  Bio-

energetic evaluations and treatment are essential.  Pharmaceutical and physical medicine methods ignore the

electromagnetic  forces that breathe life into the mechanical machinery of living bodies.  The fields of mechanical

and chemical engineering do not exist without electrical engineering.  It is time that biomechanics and biochemistry

join up with bio-electrical principles.

  The public currently maintains a certain discomfort with the term, energy medicine.  This is both unfortunate and logically unfounded.  Authentic energy medicine is not hocus pocus, new age, or woo-woo as such popular jargon might depict it.  Bio-energetic medicine is the detection and correction of energetic disturbances and weaknesses in the body, utilizing various medical devices and human observations.  It involves attention to vibrational frequencies including those of electricity, magnetism, heat, light, sound, gravity, pressure and mechanical energy.  Treatment involves various procedures that focus on these factors to support the repair of tissues.  Bio-energetic evaluations can tell us a great deal about our health—leading to safe, effective and affordable treatments from many disciplines of medicine. The working principle of bio-energetic medicine is that energy is the “medicine” 

  Life is energy.  All of the cells and tissues of our bodies generate electric currents. 
 This is an undisputed and well-established scientific fact.  Various bio-energetic changes can be monitored and measured using objective energy medicine technologies.  Consider the electrocardiogram (ECG), which monitors heart function.  An electroencephalogram (EEG) records electrical activity in the brain nerve cells.  Muscle activity can be evaluated through an electromyogram (EMG).  A polygraph or lie detector is an electrical detector as well.  And perhaps the most famous approach of them all is the MRI (an acronym for Magnetic Resonance Imaging).   These are all energy medicine devices, but they are not referred to as such by mainstream doctors. 

   We humans are firmly acknowledged as electromagnetic beings diagnostically, but rarely so therapeutically (beyond some electrotherapies and ultrasound treatment).  It is peculiar that Western medicine relies heavily on these energy medicine diagnostic technologies to see evidence of disease or injury in the body, yet they scoff at the idea of treatment applications that can help the body heal itself naturally. 

   Dr. Harold Burr (1889-1973) was Professor Emeritus of Anatomy at Yale University School of Medicine.  

He published 93 scientific papers regarding the nervous system and bio-energetic phenomena over a

forty-year period.  He also discovered the hormone, estrogen.  Dr. Burr discovered that our bodies possessed

a living electric field matrix, which he called the “L-field.”  

    Professor Burr made some phenomenal discoveries about energetic fields and their relation to health.

  He suggested that L-field measurements could be used to assess the general state of the body as a whole,

or the effects of medical treatments.  

   In one study he was able to detect malignant ovarian cancer by L-field…  before any physical

 clinical signs could be found!  Burr verified his hypothesis that bio-energetic fields fluctuate

around all living things, and that they are the source of all communication—before any chemical 

activity takes place.  

   All living things are forged, organized, and guided by electro-dynamic fields.  In other words,

he scientifically confirmed that bio-electric fields function on a level beyond DNA to form the

“blueprint” for the physical form of living things!  Since abnormalities in L-field voltages can

provide advanced warning of future problems—they may be equally utilized to find problems

that physical and chemical tests may miss.  

   On the Surface of the Skin

   In the late 1940s, a contemporary of Burr’s, German physician Reinhold Voll, M.D. discovered that when an internal organ’s function or structure was disturbed—subtle electrical changes could be detected on pinpoint areas on the surface of the skin.  The Chinese had established these as acupuncture points thousands of years prior.  Dr. Voll electrically confirmed their existence with scientific instruments.   He pioneered Electro-Dermal Screening.  It works by measuring electrical resistance and polarization on the skin.  Voll also determined that a medication, food, supplement or any object placed in contact with a person’s body, would affect electro-dermal readings.  He found that merely holding a medication in one’s hand could stimulate a measured change in the body sufficient to give insight to whether or not it might be effective—a bio-energetic response.  

   Complementing Burr’s research, Voll came to understand the great significance of energy versus matter in the scheme of health.  His experiments on thousands of people revealed distinct and measurable differences in the electrodynamic natures between the healthy and sick.  Instead of focusing on analysis of the chemical nature of the body, Voll’s interest was energetic.  

   These concepts form the foundation of many of the treatment approaches used at the Liebell Clinic. 
  The public has been taught the bio-chemical model of medicine, thus it may take some time to fully grasp bio-energetics.  Conceptualizing or visualizing L-fields might seem troublesome.  However, according to Harold Burr, there is nothing mysterious about living electric fields. 

   In his 1972 book, Blueprint for Immortality (1972) Burr described the school science class experiment, where iron filings are scattered on a card held over a magnet.  The filings arrange themselves in the pattern of the lines of force from the magnetic field.  If the filings are discarded, and new ones are scattered on the card—the same pattern emerges.  In the human body, cells are constantly damaged and rebuilt from the raw materials of the foods we eat.  It is the living electric fields that guide cellular reconstruction.  All of your body’s proteins renew every six months.  Some organs and tissues do so even more frequently.  Burr pointed out that if you see a friend whom you haven’t seen in six months, you’re not seeing the same face—but the “blueprint” of the living electric fields dictate that the new cells rebuild themselves exactly the same! 

   Ahead of His Time

   How accurate Dr. Burr was when he predicted that extensive application of living electric fields in medicine would not be quickly embraced.  He felt that since modern instruments were available, there was no good technical reason why it should take doctors so long to show interest.  He wasn’t naïve; he knew his work was well ahead of its time.  He pointed out that electrocardiogram techniques took over thirty years to become embraced by mainstream medicine.  The professor was able to foresee the link between physics, chemistry, and biology, which was validated scientifically with applications of ECG, EMG, and other technologies of conventional medicine.  Burr determined that biologically-based electricity was no different from that from any other source. 

   Why has medical science ignored the extraordinary breakthroughs from Professor Harold Burr? 
 Like so many important discoveries, politics, greed and jealousy prevailed—and vital information was swept under the rug.  Despite over 40 years of extensive professional publication (Yale Journal of Biological Medicine), Dr. Burr’s research findings were ignored by the medical community.  His work was poorly timed—it came at the time when medicine was certain antibiotics were going to become the “silver bullet”—the cure for all disease.  Despite his impressive credentials, Burr’s energy-based concepts were not consistent with the biochemical pharmaceutical model of medicine that was exploding on the scene.  Although his works can be found in the archives of Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, it is not mentioned in biology textbooks! 

    Business Trumps Breakthroughs

    In 1910, John D. Rockefeller funded the development of a doctrine called the 
Flexner Report It enabled the AMA to monopolize Western medicine with a focus on pharmaceuticals.  The well-executed plan was to eliminate any competition, which included any other treatment approaches.  The claim was there were too many doctors and too many medical schools.  The Flexner Report was positioned as a means of standardizing medical education.  It successfully destroyed the development of and usage of natural health care methods—labeling anything other than drugs as unscientific.  

   With medical schools overhauled as drug-based institutions, electrotherapies (and many other treatments) were banned from medical practice, regardless of effectiveness.  The threat of imprisonment was real for those who would continue using them.  Essentially, it was the birth of Big Pharma.  The AMA has consistently claimed their actions are in the interest of protecting patients.  According to Nobel laureate Milton Friedman in his 1961 book, Capitalism and Freedom the AMA’s attempts to control doctors and their services produced a reduced quality of care and technological advancement.  More than fifty years later, little has changed.  An academic bias still exists against the bio-energetic model of medicine. 

      Conventional medicine has been reluctant to pursue bio-energetic research, despite proof that the first sign of diminished health is vibrational or electromagnetic
.  Frequency damage is stored like computer memory inside your cells.  This can accumulate without any outward sign or symptom for years—long before any noticeable chemical or structural damage shows up.  With such energetic damage, germs can have more fertile ground to multiply.  In other words, it appears that a great deal of disease begins due to electrical interference in our bodies and altered cellular vibrational frequencies, created by a variety of causes. 

    In 1937, Professor Burr determined that abnormal voltage gradients preceded abnormal cellular growth such as cancer.  As mentioned, Burr’s work has largely been ignored.  However, biologists at Tufts University recently conducted experiments where they were able to cause frog tadpoles to grow new eyes—by altering electrical voltage on embryonic cells!  The researchers concluded that the formation of organs is driven by specific voltages. 

(Source: Transmembrane voltage potential controls embryonic eye patterning in Xenopus laevis.  Pai VP, Aw S, Shomrat T, Lemire JM, Levin M Development. 2012 Jan; 139(2):313-23)

   The implication is that bio-energetic stimuli interact with genetics to create developments in living systems.
  This is precisely what Harold Burr was proclaiming so many decades ago.  We owe a debt of gratitude to scientists like Harold Burr.  He was willing to further medical science at a time when the body was viewed as a machine whose ailments were to be managed chemically with drugs, or mechanically with surgery.   

     (Source: Harold Saxton Burr, Blueprint for immortality; the electric patterns of life, 1972)

 An entire list of Burr’s work can be found in the archives of Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine.  Many academic papers from Dr. Burr can be found at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website:

   (This article was adapted from the author's book, Biting Back: How to Overcome the Chronic Effects of Lyme Disease & Other Tick-Triggered Illness...After All Else Has Failed)


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