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Bell's Palsy: 
Acupuncture and 

Complementary Medicine Support

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

   Malfunction or damage to the facial nerve - a cranial nerve (originates in the brain), results in a condition commonly diagnosed as Bell's palsy.  With this condition, we see distortion and imbalance of the face.  It affects chewing, and controlling fluids when drinking, as well as speech patterns, and some eye function. 

   There can be many causes of Bell's palsy; the term is is used for the symptoms only.  Most victims develop a sudden weakness of one side of the face.  The eyebrow becomes difficult to raise, and the eye doesn't close well.  The ability to smile becomes impaired.  Some sufferers of Bell's palsy experience flu-like symptoms, as well as ear pain, or changes in taste sensation.  It is not unusual for the person afflicted with these symptoms to wonder if they are having a stroke.  Conventional medical treatment may be in the form of steroids.

In my clinical experience, Bell’s palsy can occur as a consequence of chronic infection, often undetected by conventional laboratory testing.  This condition has been known to occur as the result of Lyme disease (a tick-spread bacterial infection), as well as Herpes, and other viruses.  

   Acupuncture patients commonly report success overcoming this facial paralysis. 

In 2012 I had the privilege of being requested to contribute my Bell's palsy treatment

protocols to the professional journal, Medical Acupuncture.  I have found 3-phase

Auricular therapy ear acupuncture to be a fantastic approach, particularly when combined

with homeopathic supplementation.  

   We can treat approp riate ear acupuncture points using Neuro-electric Therapy and

 semi-permanent needles.  These are not generic points; they will be different in each patient. 

We use the analytical tools of auricular medicine bio-energetic testing to determine what

acupuncture points on the ear should be treated. 

Bell's palsy has also been clinically observed to result from mechanical problems in the upper neck.  Direct physical treatment using a specialized chiropractic technique called Atlas Orthogonal can be very effective.  Lasting benefit seem to be best achieved utilizing Auricular Bio-energetic Testing techniques to select specific homeopathic support supplements—to safely and naturally address infectious causes of Bell’s palsy that conventional medicine tends to ignore.  Such energy medicines, correctly selected, will boost the patients’ immune systems to overcome underlying chronic infection (Lyme disease being a common source).  

   Finally, direct application of cold laser therapy light to the skin of the face and upper cervical spine serves as an additional complement to other treatments.  The goal is to provide comprehensive, whole-body, wellness-based treatment on multiple levels:  1) The energetic reflex level through auricular acupuncture.  2) The structural/neurological level via specialized upper cervical chiropractic correction (Atlas Orthogonal procedure).  3) The microbial level with complex homeopathy.  4) The cellular level through cold laser therapy.