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"Many therapists who work daily and successfully with human energy systems have felt alienated from the sciences that provide the logical and rational foundation for conventional medicine...

A close look at energy medicine resolves this unnecessary confusion and controversy."
"These methods can often help the patient who has not found relief from more orthodox approaches"

- James Oschman, PhD, 
Biophysicist & Cell Biologist, "Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis"- World Authority on Bio-energetic Medicine 

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”  

Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
 - Nobel laureate in Medicine 
“Introduction to a submolecular biology”

"Open Your Mind, set your biases 
 and preconceived notions aside"

"We do not have all the answers and

there is clearly more that we do not know

and need to learn.  Where the science

supports these integrative concepts

of energy medicine,  let's use them."  

Dr. Richard Carmona, M.D.,
17th Surgeon General of the United States

“Auricular medicine [ABT] is

invaluable in providing a wealth of

energetic information that is crucial in formulating a credible diagnosis of

any pathological condition"

Nader Soliman, M.D.
  Past President, American Academy of Medical Acupunture 

Harvard Trained Professor 
Endorses Energy Medicine

 "I'm a Harvard PhD, a former Yale professor of psychology and psychiatry... I was awarded one of two  NIH grants to establish a Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science.  Though I was originally taught that such healing miracles do not and can not happen, the fact is that they do.  Science can now help us to understand and celebrate them.”  

Dr. Gary Scwartz, PhD.

Professor of psychology, medicine,

neurology, psychiatry and surgery,

 University of Arizona, 
Director - Human Energy Systems Laboratory
Author, “The Energy Healing Experiments – Science Reveals Our Natural Power to Heal

"Most Problems Begin

at the energy level"

“The first physical manifestation of imbalance within the body is at an energy level and corrections can be made at this level.  On top of this are the metabolic, structural and nutritional problems that also require attention… stress in turn, causes a reduction of life energy and energy imbalances which ultimately lead to disease.  The disease did not just ‘appear’ from nowhere.  It actually began at

an  energy level.”

John Diamond, M.D.,

author of bestseller
“Your Body Doesn’t Lie”,

“Life Energy” 
-Past president – International Academy of Preventative Medicine, Founder – 

Institutes for the Enhancement of

Life Energy and Creativity, NY 

“The ultimate approach to

healing will be to remove the abnormalities at the subtle-energy level which led to the manifestation of illness

in the first place. ” 

Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D. 
- internationally known teacher, physician, and author of several books, including the bestseller, "Vibrational Medicine, 
and A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine: Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation" 

“Fifty years later [from the discovery of auricular medicine], many exciting and fascinating developments in understanding this medicine and how to use it for quite complex assessment and treatments are being tested and offered by trained practitioners around the world. This field continues to expand, with thousands of practitioners and exciting developments, particularly

in Europe.”

-Beate Strittmatter, M.D., 
Academy for Acupuncture and 
Auriculomedicine - Munich, Germany, 

"We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine. It's not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It's not the chemistry of our body. It's understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel."

Mehmet Oz, M.D.

With Auricular Bio-Energetic Testing, you lie comfortably on your back, while the various sample substances, color light filters, and ear acupuncture points are used to test your body's response...  

This is how acupuncture, homeopathic,

and other treatments are determined at the Liebell Clinic, in conjunction with comprehensive medical history, and physical examination (as needed).  Auricular bio-energetic observations can  even lead us to refer for conventional  medical testing that had not been previously considered based on

symptoms or physical exams    

​​​Imagine Detecting Hidden Health Problems that Conventional Medical Diagnostic Tests Fail to Notice... Using Our Bodies' Subtle Electromagnetic Signals... and Most Importantly, Predicting Successful Treatments!

Auricular Bio-Energetic

Testing (ABT) 

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

 Conventional Western medicine has operated under the assumption

that most illness is the result of chemical imbalances, resulting in

structural problems or pathology.  It functions based upon the principles

of Newtonian physics.  This is a  mechanistic viewpoint—that our bodies

are controlled by our brains, with  various parts that may need replacement,

or medication for symptoms.  Subsequently, treatment comes largely in the

form of chemicals (prescription drugs) and surgery that do not reverse or prevent the degenerative process.  This mechanical mindset does not consider the fact that energy is what animates and vitalizes living systems.  Rarely does this approach address the reasons why the chemical imbalances have come to exist in the first place.

                                  Albert Einstein proposed that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same                                 thing.  That’s what “E = mc2” is all about.  98 percent of the universe is energy.                                     However, Western medicine pays attention primarily to the 2 percent that is                                           matter.  Bio-energetic medicine on the other hand, is based upon Einsteinian                                         physics—utilizing both physical and energetic techniques to evaluate and treat the                                 body.  It acknowledges Einstein’s theory of relativity, with a deep appreciation of                                     the vital living electro-magnetic energy force.  

    Auricular Bio-energetic Testing (ABT) is practiced in some form, by physicians throughout Europe, Asia, and a few other countries, but only by a tiny handful of North American doctors, at present.  It is part of the discipline known as energy medicine—the blossoming science which focuses on the effects of electric fields both inside and outside the human body.  It combines principles of both Eastern and Western medicine. Detecting and correcting disrupted energy systems in the body is what it’s all about.  Energy medicine has been accepted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), United States government agency.

     Authentic, scientific energy medicine practices have been creating revolutionary advancements in medicine, thanks to a large degree thanks to the research of French physician, Dr. Paul Nogier, who lived from 1908 to 1996.  And I am proud to be one of the few American doctors who carry on Dr. Paul Nogier’s ingenious work today.  

There are several principles involved in

Auricular Bio-Energetic Testing (ABT): 

     The Human Electric Field
The Ear Acupuncture “Micro-system” 

     A Cardiovascular system Reflex called the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS)… and 

The Physics Principles of Resonance 

    In capable hands, ABT (originally called Auricular Medicine by Dr. Nogier) helps the doctor determine which drugless and non-surgical treatments will most likely serve your health needs best. 
It empowers us with an extra edge for creating customized natural, wellness-based treatment protocols, so we don’t have to merely rely on symptoms, medical history, and frequently encountered inconclusive diagnostic tests from other facilities and doctors.        

ABT observations are not a diagnosis of any medical condition.

 If you are concerned about any medical diagnosis, you should discuss

it with your conventional medical doctor. However, it is fascinating to

see these energetic findings consistently match medically established

physical findings. In some cases, energetic findings (in absence of

symptoms or tissue damage of a developing underlying condition)

will lead us to pursue traditional medical diagnostic testing, which

might not be otherwise considered. This can provide important insights

to the best treatments possible from both conventional/pharmaceutical

and surgical, and complementary natural medicine.

ABT’s finest achievement is detecting energetic suggestions of the cause of chronic symptoms, when conventional medical testing comes up empty.  It has enabled countless patients to receive extraordinarily effective, drug-free, wellness-promoting treatment, which propelled them out of the abyss of chronic pain and illness… helping the body to heal itself, naturally.   

    Auricular Bio-energetic Testing and Auricular THERAPY are not one and the same.
  Auricular therapy is ear acupuncture, as developed by Dr. Nogier.  Auricular medicine is Nogier's advancement of this ear acupuncture micro-system.  I refer to it as Auricular Bio-energetic Testing to avoid confusion.  In 1966, prompted by his acupuncture studies in China, Dr. Nogier began taking his patients’ pulse while examining their ears.  He noticed a stronger or fuller pulse could be felt for a moment when he touched certain areas of the ear.  Dr. Nogier determined that this was a reflex of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, that goes on all the time in our bodies from various stresses.  And he figured out how to reproduce it for examination purposes.   Neither Western medicine nor traditional Chinese medicine had made use of this pulse reflex. 

 But how was Dr. Nogier’s discovery useful?

                                                                              There is a connection between illness and electric                                                                               fields produced by our bodies.  Through years of                                                                                experiments, Nogier discovered he could observe                                                                                  changes in the distance of electric fields projected off                                                                            of the ears.  He developed a procedure for observing                                                                            how this living electromagnetic field expands and                                                                                contracts projects under various conditions. Using                                                                                the pulse reflex, Dr. Nogier discovered that under                                                                                non-stressful and healthy circumstances, our ears                                                                                project a normal electromagnetic field that extends                                                                              outwards less than ½ an inch.  But in sickness or                                                                                stress, this electromagnetic field can expand up to                                                                              several feet.  

   Nogier’s experiments revealed that the pulse reflex could be intentionally triggered at any time, enabling him to observe the distance of the patient’s electromagnetic field.  He determined that a Kodak-Wratten color filter of 3 specific light frequencies of blue, red, and green could be glided towards the ear to trigger the pulse reflex (as seen in the image to the right).  

   Dr. Nogier realized that the distance from the ear at which the reflex was triggered, represents the distance of the patient’s living electromagnetic field.   He observed that when the body comes in contact with different substances or stimuli, our living electromagnetic field will either expand, contract, or remain the same. This is going on with our bodies all of the time.  

   Nogier’s technique of monitoring the pulse, and gliding the light filter towards the ear enabled his research team to test samples of many different stimuli, and to immediately observe their energetic effect on the patient’s body.  This works due to the physics principle of RESONANCE.   

     Dr. Nogier discovered that we can use RESONANCE (or frequency matching - explained in detail in a separate article) to gain insight to our health.  We can find energetic clues that an organ is stressed, injured, or diseased through resonance matching.   This is accomplished using a wide variety of samples of including: Organs and tissues, Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other parasites, Toxins, Heavy metals, Scar tissue, and Specific diseases.  

   But don’t worry; we do not use live or  active samples of any germs or dangerous substances…These are all inactive, highly diluted, laboratory prepared samples—professionally prepared for resonance testing.  Still, they retain their resonant frequencies.

Why the Physics Principle of Resonance is Vital to Your Health

    Resonance, discovered by Galileo in the 1600s, is the mechanism by which virtually all vibrations are generated.  Resonance is widely observed in nature, and greatly utilized in human technology.  It occurs when energy is transferred between two or more sources of that vibrate at the same frequency.  Every object has a resonant frequency.  This means that if you hit, pluck or heat it—it will vibrate at a specific rate, which we call its FREQUENCY.  This is the case with musical instruments, such as a drum, a guitar string or a xylophone.  Each distinct musical note has a unique frequency.  
  If two separate objects vibrate at the SAME frequency, they can become energetically connected… even without touching.  This has been demonstrated for decades in science classes using tuning forks.  If we have two tuning forks of the same vibrational frequency, we can strike one... and the second one will vibrate without physically touching the other.

   Or think of an opera singer who can break a wine glass by singing a certain note.  She’s energetically connecting with the exact frequency of the glass, causing its atoms to vibrate so violently that the glass shatters.  When you open or lock your car door with a push-button keypad, you are sending out a unique frequency that only resonates with YOUR vehicle. 

    Elite scientist as he was, Dr. Paul Nogier grasped the importance of resonance in a manner never before considered.  He found that we can use it to gain insight to our health—to unlock hidden secrets of the body that physical and laboratory tests could not.  Like a great detective seeking out the most obscure clues, Nogier discovered that problems in the body could be detected using resonance matching.

   Auricular Medicine examination:

   Throughout the auricular medicine exam, we observe size changes in the human electric field upon introducing various stimuli to the body—to see if and how they RESONATE with the body.  Tiny, laboratory-prepared test tubes containing substance samples are used.  They are placed on metal plates, which are connected with two metal bars to your hand and neck, in a similar manner to the electrodes of the heart monitoring device, the EKG. The human body is electrical, and thus can be monitored through various electrical means.  There is no electric current administered here.  These test substances could also be placed directly in your hand or chest… but the plate, bar, and wire setup enables a more convenient, comfortable, sanitary, streamlined, and efficient evaluation.  The wires conduct the frequencies of the test substances to the body for our observations.

  The use of resonance samples does not constitute diagnosis.  Nevertheless, it is one of the major principles involved in energy medicine.  Using resonance samples for auricular medicine bio-energetic testing has been instrumental in the recovery for countless patients, who had no success with conventional medical diagnostics and treatment.

  Since all substances have a specific frequency, we can briefly stress the body with a test sample to see if a resonance or a vibrational match exists.  In other words, if a stressed organ, or a substance exists in your body ALREADY, and we temporarily add the frequency of more of the same—your bio-electric field will project farther out from your body… because a substance that is in TUNE with the body, resonates with it.

  During Auricular Bio-energetic Testing, resonance samples are placed on metal plates, which are connected by wires to your body on your hand and neck, in a similar manner to electrodes of the heart monitoring device, the EKG. The human body is electrical, and thus can be monitored through various electrical means.  

   Although there is no machinery involved, this creates a living electromagnetic circuit—perfect for completely safe energetic testing.

    Throughout the exam, dozens of samples are added and subtracted from the plates, and we observe how they affect the electric field distance as follows:

    The first step is to measure a baseline distance of the patient’s electric field projecting off of the ears. We use a 3-frequency Kodak-Wratten color light filter, originally developed by Dr. Paul Nogier.  It is brought towards your ear from several feet away (as seen in the image above). When it reaches the border of your ear's projected electric field, it triggers the natural and expected pulse reflex. This normal cardiovascular reflex is called the Vascular Autonomic Signal (described in detail in a separate article).

   In perfect health, this distance is 1cm (less than ½ inch) away from the ear.  Throughout the exam, we observed electric field distance changes when various test substances are temporarily connected to you (energetically) via the test plate.

   For example, we use ABT to get an idea if your body may be storing toxic metals, such as aluminum, cadmium, mercury, lead, and others. 

    Remember, it’s not a chemical laboratory test—we are observing if samples of substances have resonance with your body when added to the test plate.  

   So, if adding a metal sample, let’s say Aluminum, results in an expansion of the distance off the ear when the pulse reflex is triggered—this suggests the presence of excessive aluminum in the patient’s body.   
    Next, we add to the same test plate, a sample of the homeopathic formula that has been consistently effective in enabling patients’ bodies to naturally detoxify and eliminate metals.  If this product is likely to be helpful, re-testing the electric field distance will reveal a reduction to the normal (1cm from the ear). If the product chosen does NOT reduce the expanded electric field distance, we test a different one.  
   This resonance testing process is repeated for a large number of special diluted, laboratory prepared samples of different substances.  Auricular Bio-energetic Testing techniques also enable much more refined, accurate, diverse, and sophisticated auricular THERAPY ear acupuncture treatments.  

   ABT does not constitute diagnosis of any medical condition.  It is not a replacement for conventional medical evaluation or treatment.  I provide it as a complement to existing conventional medical care.  I recognize and recommend that patients consider ALL types of medical opinions, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, and treatment options....

  However, the majority of patients, who seek my treatment for chronic pain and associated illness, have been told by multiple physicians of different specialties, that their diagnostic tests are normal—that nothing wrong can be found.  

   Yet their symptoms persist.  

    We use Auricular Bio-energetic Testing to unravel mysteries of pain and illness for which no physical evidence may exist.  It’s common for people to not get diagnosed with a condition simply because their blood test results fall within an “acceptable range.”  The key is that energetic changes can take place well before physical damage is sufficient to register through conventional diagnostic tests.  

    Sometimes we refer patients for conventional medical testing after auricular medicine exam, and they indeed confirm our findings.  The same is true for x-ray and MRI.  I’ve made energetic observations utilizing auricular medicine techniques that patients could have structural damage to ligaments or tendons… which were subsequently confirmed by MRI.  Without auricular medicine, these patients would not have had necessary and helpful surgery.  

   Whatever your health problems are, there MUST be causes… whether or not blood tests, x-rays, and MRI and CT scans reveal nothing abnormal.  This is where bio-energetic Auricular Medicine shines… by observing indications of the causes of chronic symptoms, when conventional medical testing comes up empty. 

   I routinely take care of people who’ve suffered symptoms labeled as “fibromyalgia” by other physician’s, even though conventional diagnostic tests reveal nothing.  It is a diagnosis that has no specific test or concrete findings.  But often these people recall being bitten by a tick.  The Federal health authorities say that a person has Lyme disease—a serious bacterial infection… only if they present to their doctor with a tick bite that caused a bull’s eye shaped expanding red rash...  or if the standard blood tests are positive.

    The reality is that for perhaps the majority of Lyme disease victims, there was no rash… or they don’t remember a tick bite… AND the blood tests are negative for Lyme disease.  I have observed a huge number of patients consistently show expansion of the bio-electric field upon addition of the Lyme testing sample during auricular medicine testing.  Subsequent homeopathic wellness supplementation to specifically boost the patient’s immune system against Lyme has been phenomenally effective.  I know this because auricular medicine, including the testing, the acupuncture, and subsequent homeopathic treatment saved my wife, Sheila, from a lifetime of misery from the effects of Lyme disease, and other tick-triggered illness.  I am proud to have helped many others with these methods over the past several years.

   In some cases, energetic findings (in absence of symptoms or tissue damage of a developing underlying condition) will lead us to pursue traditional medical diagnostic testing, which might not be otherwise considered.  This can provide important insights to the best treatments possible from both conventional and complementary medicine.  Make sure that if you are concerned about any medical diagnosis that you discuss it with your conventional medical doctor.  It is fascinating to see these findings consistently match physical and laboratory findings.   

                                                                                Dr. Donald Liebell 

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