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The Atlas Orthogonal Procedure
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The Atlas Orthogonal Procedure
How to Get Out of Pain With Math & Physics (Instead of Chemistry)

By Dr. Donald Liebell

   It's one of the best-kept secret in our health care system.  It has been found to be helping for a wide variety of conditions, by relieving nerve compression in the neck.  The Atlas Orthogonal  procedure is performed in order to move the Atlas Vertebra (top bone of the neck) into better position, relative to the skull above and spine below.  The goal is to re-position the weight of your head over the center of your neck as close as possible. This is done to reduce structural/mechanical imbalance, which is causing nerve compression, body imbalance and wear and tear.  This repositioning is intended to reactivate blocked or altered transmission of nerve impulses (healing messages) from the brain to the body so your body’s natural healing process can begin.  

   The calculations from digital mathematical x-ray analysis provide knowledge  of the exact position of the atlas vertebra (to a fraction of a degree), relative to the skull above and the rest of the neck below.   The analysis reveals how much your atlas has shifted, tilted or rotated away from its normal balanced position. This formula calculated enables the doctor to make a pinpoint atlas corrections.  This instrument, properly calibrated for each individual, applies a precisely directed, split-second sound vibration on a tiny spot on the side of your neck (just below the ear). This remarkable technology enables us to gently move the misaligned bones into better position—to re-position the head over the center of the neck. 

   The science of Chiropractic was discovered in 1895, in Davenport, Iowa by Daniel Palmer. The first procedures of "adjusting" the Atlas vertebra were developed and clinically researched by his son, Dr. B.J. Palmer (1881-1961).  Dr. John Grostic made further progress, followed by the remarkable innovations of Dr. Roy Sweat (1927-present) of Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Sweat brought the procedures into the realm of “high tech” science by inventing the Atlas Percussion “sound wave” adjusting instrument in 1970.

   Inside the instrument’s chamber is a mechanical device called a SOLENOID.  The solenoid creates a magnetically activated impact on the end of the stylus. The vibration transfers to the end in contact with the skin surface. The force generated is as little as 3 pounds.  The re-alignment of the atlas bone has been verified by computerized mathematical x-ray analysis, before and after treatment.  This re-alignment motion has also been confirmed by computerized x-ray studies, as well as live motion video x-ray.  

Forget about the concept of “no pain, no gain because the Atlas Orthogonal procedure is 100% painless!.  You feel the stylus pressed up against your ear... you hear the "click" of the solenoid... and that's it! This skillful, precise re-positioning of the atlas is the basis for much of the relief experienced by people who have conditions that ordinarily do not respond to traditional methods
    The HEAD SUPPORT is designed to enable the doctor to position your head and neck to reverse the misalignment correctly, without spinal "manipulation." This means that the Atlas is re-positioned within your body’s normal range of motion.  Traditional type chiropractic adjustments, that some people call, “cracking the neck or back,” by definition requires taking a joint beyond its normal range of motion.  This type of procedure can be effective, but it is not part of Atlas Orthogonal techniques.  In my practice I also effectively use manual structural correction techniques on lower areas of the spine.   

  With AO, you lie down on the bed with your head on the support, while the Atlas adjustment is performed. The Atlas Orthogonal instrument has many movable parts, which are custom set to fit your body for the most accurate and reproducible treatment.  The AO procedure reduces nerve irritation, which reactivates normal transmission of nerve messages sent from the brain to affected parts of the body.   It’s kind of like “turning on a light switch” to the entire body. This is why we see so many different health conditions (which seem to be totally unrelated to one another) responding to this same natural neck treatment.

    Remember that the slightest degree of misalignment of the little Atlas bone that supports the weight of your head, can cause body imbalance and nerve interference – which results in health problems and pain in the body.  In order for nerve messages to flow freely through the nerves, like “electricity through wires” the atlas must be restored to balanced position. When the atlas is out of position, other vertebrae in the spine below will become misaligned.  These cases need specific atlas correction. Chiropractic adjustments done only to the lower part of the spine are ineffective. This is why many patients, who had not responded to traditional chiropractic care, are helped using AO as the primary treatment.  The atlas balance determines balance for your entire body.  Correcting the Atlas enables restricted and misaligned vertebrae of the entire spine to achieve better alignment. This includes the pelvis and hips.  “What Changes Can I Expect From Atlas Orthogonal?”
     If you’re like most patients, you’ve had your problem a long time. However as soon as the Atlas correction is done, nerve function and body balance can begin to improve. This means muscles relax, and blood and oxygen circulation is increased. And recent medical research has shown that it even may reduce high blood pressure.  Most importantly, you can feel that the pain from nerve pressure is reduced when your neck is re-examined, seconds after the AO adjustment is performed. This means that healing messages can be better transmitted from the brain to the body, enabling the self-healing process to begin.  You might even notice various changes the day of your first atlas correction. These changes are due to your body responding to the re-balancing of the spine.  In order to heal, your body must go through different cycles of repair. Restoring blocked nerve impulses may immediately reduce pain and other symptoms. You may also have a tired or relaxed feeling.

    Some people experience some muscle stiffness in a different area of their body, while others may feel light-headed or occasionally a headache at first. You might even notice a shift in the side of pain from one side to another.  Many people notice something different within the first 24 hours – This is a great sign that the self-healing has begun, because our whole goal is to break the cycle of pain and malfunction.  Many chronic pain patients may take several weeks before any changes are noticed. You may be receiving treatment for a very complex, neck-related condition like Fibromyalgia which has taken many years or decades to develop.  Many chronic pain patients may take several weeks before any changes are noticed. You may be receiving treatment for a very complex, neck-related condition like which has taken many years or decades to develop.  We always are checking to see if the atlas is “holding” good position or not. Holding means that your ATLAS has stayed in better position and should not yet be adjusted again. If it’s “out,” that means that your atlas pulled back to a misaligned position.  It’s important to understand that this is totally normal. If you have an aggressive degenerative condition, or other complicating factors, your atlas might only stay in better position for only a couple of days at a time at first.

   Here’s why:

   Ligaments are soft tissue structures which hold the atlas and the axis (second bone of the neck) together with the skull and the neck below.  Unlike all other vertebrae, there is NO bone-to-bone interlocking of the top two bones of the neck.  Muscles of course, provide movement of the bones.  Nerves carry the brain signals back and forth from the muscles – thus telling them when to contract and relax. Many chronic aches and pains are the result of improperly healed spinal injuries.  Ligaments and muscles get overstretched, overstressed, injured, used and abused. While they do naturally heal under many circumstances, they may heal out of balance. One side of the neck may have shortened, tight muscles or maybe an injury from years back may have left certain ligaments with rigid scar tissue formed.

    Any way you slice it, these tissues are often in very bad shape because they never healed properly in the first place.  Muscles are very elastic and flexible. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about ligaments. Ligaments are relatively inelastic and less flexible. That’s because their job is to hold bones in place (remember that muscles’ job is to move bones!). So, when ligaments get damaged it’s kind of like taking a spring and pulling it apart too far…you know what happens, right?…It doesn’t “spring” back to its original shape and function.

    Well guess what…the ligaments which have been holding your skull, atlas and the rest of your neck together have gotten used to holding in the wrong position!!  What this means is that when your atlas is first set back towards a balanced position, the ligaments are not very capable of holding in the good position for very long – their just not conditioned to do it at the beginning… but don’t worry, they’ll get stronger and better as care progresses.  It’s just like tuning a musical instrument (like a piano, violin or guitar) – the strings need conditioning to become used to the normal length and tone (that’s what “muscle tone” is all about!). So basically, the Atlas Orthogonal procedure is geared towards training the neck to stay in better alignment to the head and the rest of your body by adjusting the atlas whenever it goes out of balanced position. 

   “How Long Will It Take For Me To Feel Better?”

    Some patients respond immediately. Others take several weeks or months. This is the simple honest answer to the most common question I’m asked. First of all, we must consider that even though two patients may have a similar condition, they will not necessarily progress in the same manner. Every patient is an individual who must be studied and analyzed as such.  Keep in mind that in my practice, I treat people with severe, chronic conditions; problems that in many cases have plagued their victims for 10-30 years and sometimes longer.  These are people who have not improved despite the attempts at many types of treatment.  Also, Atlas Orthogonal may not be the only treatment approach needed.

    The 90-Day Law
    My treatment philosophy adheres to what I call the 90-day Law. If your treatment is correct it should at least be creating some progression of improvement inside of 90 days.   Of course, this doesn't mean that in 90 days everyone's going to become as good as they can get.  What this means is that even the most awful, long-standing chronic pain conditions can be expected to show signs of improvement in 90 days or less! That’s right – you could have a painful condition for decades and notice significant improvement in under 3 months... with the right treatment.

   How Could This Be True?

   It’s simple. If the conditions are right, your body is capable of healing. That’s the whole ball of wax. This means if my treatment is to be helpful, you’ll be experiencing improvement inside of 90 days.  It is natural and expected for problems related to bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves to show improvement inside of 90 days.  I cringe when I see people who've gone through therapies in other facilities for 6 months or a year... with no improvement!  That is unacceptable, as far as I'm concerned.  If you broke a bone, sprained your ankle or injured a nerve, it would take about 90 days to heal… that is, if you take care of it properly and give it the right conditions to heal normally.  If your atlas gets into better position, your body will have a new set of better conditions under which to operate and function.   

    Research on nerve regeneration, and Atlas Orthogonal conducted by Dr. C.H. Suh, PhD. has revealed that it takes approximately 90-100 days for injured nerves to regenerate.  Dr. Suh served as chairman of the Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

   Does that mean that your condition will be all better, or as good as you can get in 90 days? 

   In some cases yes…and some cases no – it depends a lot on how bad your spine is and what kind of condition you have. Some problems get fixed up and stay fixed up for a long time. Many chronic pain conditions for which there is no real “cure” may require some level of ongoing care (provided that there is improvement shown within the initial 90-day period).  Remember what I discussed about ligaments and muscles before—if there is damage or scar tissue, your ligaments may not be able to heal perfectly. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve significantly. We just may have to work harder and longer, and maintain progress with occasional follow-up treatment.

   Let’s put it this way…when my patients are having tremendous, life-changing improvements under my care, they insist that I keep the process going as long as possible. But I don’t continue treatment past the 90-day point, if a patient is not getting better by then.  We’re always evaluating your condition to determine your future needs. Yes—you may a condition that has no “cure” but can be greatly improved, without having to rely on lots of drugs or surgery to function. Most patients in fact, are able to reduce or stop taking many drugs.  Your body may not be physically capable of permanent relief because of several factors. You may have anything from ligament, tendon or muscle damage, severe arthritic degeneration, permanent spinal curvatures, etc., which prevent you from 100% recovery.  

   Realize that the ligaments which hold the atlas vertebra are extremely prone to injury because they’re so small and delicate. Remember that the atlas is a 2-ounce bone which is carrying the weight of a bowling ball (your head) around all day – it’s a big job, and you know what…we ALL put it to the test nearly every day. But don’t worry—my patients can tell you that none of this really matters to them because... 

    They Feel Better & They Feel Healthier Since They Learned About Atlas Orthogonal

      My patients can also tell you that if I can accept your case, it will be critical that you stick to the recommended visit schedule. I must regularly monitor your case, even if your symptoms are much improved at an early stage. Remember that I am not just helping your symptoms—I am treating the CAUSES.  Most chronic pain sufferers have “built” their condition over years to decades. But with the proper treatment, great strides can be made in under 90 days. This is the natural healing time, under ideal conditions, for many problems with nerves, bones, ligaments and muscles.

     It is not a quick fix but rather a serious, calculated process of physical rehabilitation.
Throughout your recommended care, I will re-evaluate your condition and determine what is necessary at that point.  A realistic expectation, based on averages, would be some signs of improvement within 2-4 weeks. Then, improvement usually continues gradually for several months.  My initial desire is to make you feel better, however my major goal is to make you healthier through corrective and rehabilitative care. The objective is not only to relieve pain, but also to restore body balance, thus improving the function of your nervous system. 

    My purpose with this program is to correct the underlying causes of your condition as much as physically possible and prevent its return.  AO is NOT directly a pain treatment to mask symptoms.  It’s a corrective and rehabilitative treatment. This means that you may not automatically come in for a visit in pain… and leave without pain. Each treatment is part of the process of making your body able to heal on its own – from the inside out… naturally, without drugs or surgery. 

    Getting better from chronic pain is a process that takes time – but if I can accept your case, you’ll likely feel your body making progress, usually within 90 days or less.  

                                                                     - Dr. Donald Liebell