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The Evils of Artificial Sweeteners

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

   The harsh reality is that NOBODY should consume artificial sweeteners... ANY of them! 

They are all bad for you, despite the fact that they are government approved for human consumption.  I found the entire documentary film, "Sweet Misery - a Poisoned World" on YouTube, and have embedded it here on my website for your ease of viewing.  I doubt that you could watch this program, and still use artificial sweeteners. 

   Diet sodas and other “foods” sweetened with Aspartame (marketed as Equal and Nutrasweet) are really bad for you.  But it is approved by our government health “authorities.”  

   Aspartame is a poison, plain and simple.  The other types of artificial sweeteners are a nightmare too.  

   I recommend stevia, which is a truly natural, and safe sweetener, as an alternative to sugar.  You can purchase pure organic stevia at Trader Joe’s in Virginia Beach.  There are over 100 documented side effects and symptoms related to Aspartame.  

   If you like your BRAIN, and want to keep it working well… don’t eat the stuff ever!    

   If you suffer headaches, reflux, stomach problems, weakness, speech difficulties, you’d do yourself well to eliminate all artificial sweeteners.

   Don’t take my word for it… watch the video!  Then throw out all your diet sodas and other products, for the sake of your health.                               

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