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It is with great pride that I acknowledge my mentor, Dr. Roy Sweat – a remarkable humanitarian, a brilliant doctor and scientist…The Inventor of the Atlas Orthogonal Procedure.  Dr. Roy Sweat is a 1950 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He took Dr. B.J. Palmer’s pioneering work to another level. In 1970, Dr. Sweat designed the Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Adjusting Instrument and has developed a series of seven different models.     

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 Antibiotics cannot and do not kill viruses.  Did you know that ticks and numerous other bugs transmit viruses?   Viral infection may be the most significant health challenge of the century.  Mainstream medicine offers no healthcare support for the fight against viruses.  Fortunately, help is available with natural and holistic approaches.

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The specialty of ear acupuncture, known as Auricular Therapy is an internationally documented and researched procedure since the 1950s when it was developed by Paul Nogier, M.D. of France.  Unfortunately, the label "alternative medicine" gives the impression that a method is not scientific, nor has it been studied.  Auricular Therapy is indeed scinetific, and papers have been published in medical journals.

Homeopathic Medicine: History & Principles...

and Why it is NOT the Same as Taking Herbs

The Subtle Signals of Bio-Energetic Fields: 

The simplest, most gentle up and down movements stimulate your entire body unlike any other form of exercise.  Rebounding burns calories beautifully.  Because you’re entire body is working straight up against gravity, you build overall strength with one exercise.  It's exercise for your lymphatic system.  What's your lymphatic system?  

Despite a growing body of published medical evidence that radiation from cell phone usage is hazardous to our health... the public is still assured that they are safe.  Remember that there was a time that the American public was unconcerned with the health risks of smoking!  Discover the truth about cell phones, and what you can do to minimize the effects of radiation. 

Mainstream medicine functions primarily when there is visible damage, or observable and measurable phenomena.  Discovering illness before it takes physical form is essentially not within the realm of conventional medicine.  Doctors proclaiming you’ve got a “clean bill of health” as a result of the “standard” tests can often leave you in the lurch—scratching your head in disbelief, as your mysterious misery persists without any resolution.   

More than ever before in human history, we are exposed to chemical toxins.  They're in our food and water supply, medicines, building materials, household cleaning products, the air we breath, and numerous other sources.   Our bodies have sophisticated detoxification and drainage systems, but everybody has a breaking point where a toxic overload is no longer effectively handled by the organs responsible.  The consequences of this range from mere fatigue to serious illness.  

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The secret to my patients' success is the elimination or reduction of blockages to the natural inborn healing capacity of the human body.  Blockages come in the form of physical, chemical, energetic, and emotion sources.  Like a dam in a river, a blockage will shut down or impair normal function.  Discover what they are, and why addressing them is critical to overcoming supposedly hopeless cases of pain and illness.  

Blockages to Natural Healing: 

Homeopathic medicine is the second most used health care approach in the world.  It is a natural and drug-free treatment method that can deliver impressive results which are safe and often permanent.  Homeopathy is not addictive, and it works in harmony with your immune system.  

Genius Alert:  Paul Nogier, MD (1908-1996) - The Father of Auricular Therapy 

Cell Phone Radiation:  It's Real... and it IS a Big Deal!

The purpose of this list is to give my patients (and anybody else interested) my recommendations for a wide variety of health matters: things to avoid, and things that are good for you.   I've put this list together at the urging of my patients, who want as much good health advice as possible... without having to read a million articles. 

Artificial sweeteners are bad for you... plain and simple.  You could simply stop using any of them (which will be good for you)... or learn the gory details of why...

Resonance, discovered by Galileo in the 1600s, is the mechanism by which virtually all vibrations are generated.  Resonance is widely observed in nature, and greatly utilized in human technology.  It occurs when energy is transferred between two or more sources of that vibrate at the same frequency.  It can also be used to gain insight to our health—to unlock hidden secrets of the body that physical and laboratory tests cannot. 

Dr. Harold Burr (1889-1973) was Professor Emeritus of Anatomy at Yale University School of Medicine.  He published 93 scientific papers regarding the nervous system and bio-energetic phenomena over a forty-year period.   Burr verified his hypothesis that bio-energetic fields fluctuate around all living things, and that they are the source of all communication—before any chemical activity takes place.  All living things are forged, organized, and guided by electro-dynamic fields.

Invisible Illness: When You're Told "Nothing is Wrong"

Fungi can produce toxins harmful to human health.  They do not get adequate medical and media attention. Recent research has proven that fungal toxins are responsible for way more human suffering than previously thought.  Various health problems may have fungi as one of their underlying causes.

Medical tests come up  negative—yet the pain is quite real.  Millions of people struggle with pain so  debilitating, they can’t perform basic activities of daily living. They accept their tragic fate—a life of misery, as popular medications fail to make a dent in the actual cause of  their pain.  It can take decades for vital health information to reach the masses—even sophisticated scientific technological breakthroughs. Fortunately you don’t have to wait. There is realistic hope.

Genius Alert:  Roy W. Sweat, DC, BCAO (1927-Present) 

Physics Principle of Resonance and its Role in Healthcare

Integrative Medicine: 21st Century Health Care

Detoxification & Drainage:Why Aggressive Cleanses May Cause MORE Stress!

Natural & holistic, whole-person, wellness-based Healthcare - Drug-Free & Non-Surgical Pain Relief


His research revealed that the outer ear—known as the auricle, is energetically connected to the entire body: a “micro-system.”  This means the ear functions as a tiny microcosm of living energy—a comprehensive acupuncture system the correlates and connects to the entire body.  Dr. Nogier discovered that the electrical conductivity of the skin of the ear changes in very specific areas when there is a disturbance in the body.    

Artificial Sweetener Evil:

Ear Acupuncture: Science, Research & History

​​Genius Alert: Harold Saxon Burr, Phd (1889-1973) - Bio-energetic Medicine Pioneer

Mini-Trampoline Rebounding: Lympathic System Excercise : 

All types of practitioners are important.  Conventional medical doctors, chiropractors, neurosurgeons, naturopaths, osteopaths, herbalists, acupuncturists, etc.  all can play a role in healthcare.   We as practitioners, evaluate patients and select the appropriate treatment methods from a greatly expanded “toolkit.” We are not limited to merely one approach—perhaps a technique we have mastered, trying to make patients fit that particular technique. 

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The public currently maintains a certain discomfort with the term, energy medicine.  Authentic energy medicine is not hocus pocus, new age, or woo-woo as such popular jargon might depict it.  It is the detection and correction of energetic disturbances and weaknesses in the body, utilizing various approaches.  It involves attention to vibrational frequencies including those of electricity, magnetism, heat, light, sound, gravity, pressure and mechanical energy.  Treatment involves various procedures that focus on these factors to support the repair of tissues.  

Bugs, Bites, and Virus Frights: 

Why You Should be Highly Focused on Building Immune System Strength

The Frightening Fungus Among Us: 

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