​​To Parents of Children Labeled

ADD/ADHD...Who Don't Believe

DRUGS are the Answer

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

                                       ​For generations misbehaving children were called “hyper,” or perhaps rambunctious, wild, or well, just simply…                                            kids! What happened?  Now kids are given various medical diagnoses for every less-than-desirable behavior,                                                ADD/ADHD being the most common.  Tens of millions of prescriptions are being written annually for Ritalin and                                          other drugs, with numbers on the rise.  At first, only “hyperactive” children were treated.  Today, if your child is                                          inattentive, bored, anxious, sick, or even intellectually gifted—the label of ADD/ADHD has become medically                                                warranted.  Despite long term use of prescription drugs, these "conditions” persists into adulthood.  The                                                    Washington Post reported a large, federally-funded study revealing that there has been absolutely no evidence of                                        long-term improvement for medicated kids versus non-medicated!   

                                       Drugs like Ritalin, Dexedrine, Cylert, as well as antidepressants have been proven to NOT be curative, and are                                            ineffective for about 25 percent of patients.  Serious side effects, including persecutory delusions and death, have                                        been well-documented.  It also turns out that 90% of all prescriptions for Ritalin are for Americans.  Have you                                            ever wondered if our children’s bodies are suffering from a “Ritalin deficiency” not found in the rest of the world?

     Doesn’t this gravely concern you? 

     Is it okay for your child to take these drugs for life?  We’ve heard “Say No to drugs” for decades now.  Don’t you think this is perhaps the most hypocritical message we’ve ever had delivered?  We tell kids to stay away from drugs, yet we turn to them in record-breaking numbers, with reckless abandon, for “behavior modification” with a doctor’s prescription—for an easy fix… as long as it’s accompanied by a medically approved diagnosis.  Would you put your child on marijuana, cocaine, or alcohol just to mellow them?

     I have written this for parents, who seek drugless approaches to solving their children’s problems.  Hippocrates, the father of medicine suggested “First, do no harm.” If you agree with this basic principle, then you will be pleased to read the rest of this article.

     There have been studies published in medical journals that indeed reveal good results from various natural therapies.  Of course way more research is warranted… but don’t hold your breath.  Billions of dollars are being made in the ADHD pharmaceutical marketplace. There is no reason to expect inexpensive, safe and natural treatments to stand a chance. Obscene amounts of money are being made in the Ritalin-based industry… so we can’t expect big government grants to be awarded for research in homeopathy, acupuncture,chiropractic neck treatment, and other safe and effective natural treatments.

     If you think a healthy and happy child, who will become a healthy and happy adult will be the result of Ritalin and other drugs… my treatment approach is not for you.  If you are skeptical of safe drugless treatments that are successfully used all over the world—because they are not embraced and promoted by our pharmaceutically-based health care system’s “authorities”… my approach is not for you.  I utilize these methods in my practice, as part of a highly effective, wellness and health promotion approach—not as a replacement for psychiatric or medical treatment for ADHD. You do have a choice for your children.  I encourage parents to investigate all possible approaches, and make informed choices. 

     A Whole-Body, Complementary or Alternative Medicine Approach 
for Those Who Don’t Accept Drugging Our Kids as a Valid or

Acceptable Way to Improve the Condition Labeled as ADHD

     I do not claim to directly treat any sort of “attention deficit” or “hyperactivity” disorder. I evaluate the total health of a child (or adult), who may have been diagnosed ADHD or other disorder by another physician.  I seek underlying causes for any and all bodily dysfunction, and I perform treatments that are within my scope of practice—to promote health and wellness, and relieve pain.  That is the secrets of my patients’ success. 

     There are many possible underlying causes that can lead to a child being labeled ADD/ADHD.  Behavioral and emotional problems must be investigated in the same context that we evaluate physical pain and dysfunction.  The following cause factors have been implicated in ADHD and related disorders, yet they are rarely, if ever considered by conventional American medicine:

  Toxins:  There are hundreds of environmental pollutants, heavy metals (such as aluminum, mercury, and lead), and other toxic substances that have been linked with so-called ADHD.  Toxins from cigarette smoking or alcohol consumption during pregnancy can contribute to nervous system dysfunction.  Toxins from vaccinations and prescription medications can also contribute.  Strong evidence reported by Harvard researchers in the medical journal, Pediatrics, has linked pesticide exposure to ADD/ADHD.

     Nutritional Deficiencies and Excess:
  It has been suggested that deficiencies or absorption problems for iron, zinc, magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids, and enzymes can influence a child’s behavior and development.  Furthermore, a diet lacking sufficient protein and fat, as well as excessive sugar or artificial sweeteners can certainly be a significant factor.  Food Sensitivities and Allergies: A child’s behavior may be influenced by irritation due to a particular food, as well as allergies or asthma. 

Bacterial, Viral, and Fungal Infection:  A 2002 study in the American Journal of Psychiatry suggested Lyme disease as a cause of ADHD.  This has been supported by noted expert, Nader Soliman, M.D., who says that in addition to the bacteria of Lyme, various microbes can cause inflammation of the corpus callosum.  The corpus callosum is a band of over 250 million nerve cells that function as a connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  According to Dr. Soliman, such infections of the corpus callosum “are subclinical and can be easily missed.”  This means that traditional medical diagnostic tests won’t likely ever detect these problems, or consider treatment.  Dr. Soliman and I have both observed this to be the case using bio-energetic testing techniques.  Most importantly, these problems can be safely and effectively addressed with homeopathic techniques.  

Neurological Spinal Disturbance:  Mechanical dysfunction of the upper neck (atlas vertebra), which can cause neurological impairment has been demonstrated to be another factor.   Considering that attention deficit is a neurological disorder; it’s no surprise that doctors of chiropractic have had success helping kids through spinal correction. Chiropractors who specialize in the upper neck - the communication junction between the brain and body, provide a particularly attractive option.

    The CBS Early Show “Healthwatch” segment recommended

chiropractic as a potential treatment, as part of attention deficit care.

  Medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton told CBS anchor, Julie Chen,

 “There have been studies that have shown complementary or alternative

therapies [such as] chiropractic care or dietary changes can be beneficial in

some children who are on ADHD medication… either in place of or in conjunction

with [medication].”     

     Electromagnetic Radiation:
 It is possible that radiation from excessive

use of cell phones, computers, video games, as well as proximity to high power

electrical lines, and other sources may have negative effects. 

     Doesn’t it make sense to explore these factors and pursue treatments at address

these cause factors safely, conservatively, and naturally… before resorting to drugs?

The Treatments Psychiatrists Won’t Likely Tell You About

Ear and Hand Acupuncture

     Acupuncture has been as successful treatment worldwide.  There are many methods, and of course, some are better than others.  The skills and knowledge of the practitioner, as expected, are a big part of the equation.  A stand out method is known as 3-Phase Auricular Therapy—specialized acupuncture done exclusively on the earAuricular Therapy.  According to the world-renowned authority, Nader Soliman, M.D., Auricular Therapy has been showing great promise as part of a comprehensive whole-body approach. 

     Dr. Soliman is past president of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.  In one of his many published papers in medical journals, he suggests that one of the distinct advantages of using this sophisticated acupuncture method instead of traditional Chinese body acupuncture is that we doctors can directly evaluate the energetic projections of all brain structures involved with ADD/ADHD on the surface of the ear.  In traditional Chinese medicine, there are no direct reflex relationships between acupuncture points on the body and brain structures.      

     I treat children regularly with this procedure, and it is well accepted by them. 
 It can be performed using various techniques, with or without acupuncture needles.  Having trained under the guidance of the brilliant Dr. Soliman, I have been privileged to produce some stunning results with the Auricular Therapy techniques, as well as a similar system done on the hand (preferred by some kids).  Perhaps the most important factor is the lasting improvement it seems to deliver.  A detailed article on Auricular Therapy is available on this website.


     Homeopathic supplements are prepared through repeated dilutions are various natural substances from plants, animals, and minerals.  They are a form of energy medicine, meaning they stimulate the body by energetic frequencies rather than chemically.  They are non-toxic and have no side effects.  Each person requires different supplements, and there is no cookie cutter approach.  Homeopathic medicine is used throughout the world, and has been FDA approved since 1938.  It is quite different from herbal medicine. Homeopathy is geared towards promoting both physical and emotional healing.  It is long-lasting, inexpensive, and likely permanent in effect.  There have indeed been studies revealing success with ADD/ADHD with homeopathy.  A comprehensive article on homeopathy is available on this website. 

    How do I evaluate children labeled ADD or ADHD?

     A comprehensive health history and neck examination is critical.  We must look at each child as an individual within the context of his or her environment, including family, friends, and school.  Dietary habits must be evaluated carefully.  Since many disturbances to brain function, including the toxins and microbes mentioned early, cannot and will not be detected through conventional medical testing, we turn to the field of energy medicine.  Bio-energetic testing is a means by which useful information can be detected.  The specific method I use is called Auricular Medicine, which is a more advanced form of Auricular Therapy (ear-based treatment).  It combines reflexes of the cardiovascular and nervous systems with principles of ear acupuncture—to pinpoint areas of trouble, as well as provide insights to effective treatments.   

    Auricular Bio-energetic Testing (ABT) gives us a “blueprint” for effective treatment combinations, which typically involves homeopathic supplements, ear and/or hand acupuncture, and a neuro-spinal correction procedure called Atlas Orthogonal.  Full explanations of ABT, as well as Atlas Orthogonal are available on this website. 

   Outstanding results may be achieved through this comprehensive, health-promoting intensive approach.  Depending on the complexity and severity of the case, it may take as little as one month to see improvement, or as long as one year.  Parents should not expect immediate results.  

   At no time during care at my facility is parent or child told to discontinue medication, nor should my treatment be construed as a direct medical treatment for ADD/ADHD.  It is a multifaceted health and wellness system that is intended to promote improved brain function and neurological communication.  It may be pursued as a sole treatment approach, or utilized in combination with pharmaceutical medical treatment provided by another professional. 


-Dr. Donald Liebell 

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